If I Could Climb The Rainbow
Author: Terrie*


if I could climb the rainbow
I'd climb it to the middle
to be close to God

I'd sit there

share every thing in my heart
I'd tell him about my day to start
i'd ask him kindly
to deliver all these letters i wrote
to the people i love

I'll tell him about my fears
and the things that bring me tears
I'd tell him how much I love the rain
and of things that cause me pain

I'd blow him a kiss
and tell him of the people I miss
I'd tell him I love him
and how I want to grow up to be like him

I'd tell him how I'm not afraid
when I am so close to heaven
I'd tell him the color of wings I'd want
when he make me an angel

I'd tell him I love rainbows
i'd hug him so tight
and remind him
that storms scare me
and make me cry
they remind me of the night
my puppy died


Comments on this poem/writing:

Clive ( -- Saturday, September 25 2004, 03:01 am

Every Day

Thoughts of others fill my head,
Thoughts to see them as it once was,
To see, To touch, to hugg again,
All my family you know who you are,
My friends special friends you know who you are,
To hold you close as we once nearly could.
Thank you Terrie for your uplifting kind words
martin Vann ( -- Monday, September 27 2004, 10:00 pm

If, I were, In The middle Of A Rainbow..,


If, I were able, to place my heart. in the middle of a rainbow, what color would I select, this is a dream, correct? I would chose, the color of love, now, tell me, what color is that? I think, the color of love, is, when you speak to someone and share your heart and in return, they send the warmth of love, back to you. Now, tell me, what color is love? I think, the color of love, is when one brings, the warmth of sunshine, into anothers heart, on a rainy day. Then, I think, with my heart, you are having a rainy day, I say, look at the rainbow, no, not made of tears, look at the rainbow, God gave to your heart. Then, you, like me, will see the color of love, no, this is not a dream, it is your heart and mine, now, tell me, what color is that? You are an angel, and your wings are colored, as you requested, now, tell, what is the color of love.

I think, your love is the rainbow, after a storm, for your love is still there. I think your wings, need no more color, then what your heart has to offer, I think, you are, the color of love, so, sweetheart, don't search, for what already exist, the color of love, is what you have, in your heart, on its worst, rainy day. I think, that is the color of Love, you can't described it, you can only feel it, as I do. THAT is the color of love.

Terrie* ( -- Tuesday, September 28 2004, 01:30 am

thank you Gentlemen,

for those that knew me while i was growing up know i haven't completely grown up yet (giggle) this was written in 1965 i was 8 that was when my passion for poetry burned wildly in me...yeap i was just a kid when i wrote my first piece, i did correct the spelling :) .i wanted powder blue wings as a child......
Your welcomed Clive.....
Martin, color of love is you and ...
Clive and i...
and the world and i...
like you said ,one cain't describe it we just feel can also be seen .awesome feelin'..storms/friends and love entertwine...
draws meaning when one isn't afraid to love..
Amy BAnanaHead ( -- Tuesday, September 28 2004, 05:19 pm

Miss Terie

WOW!!!! and you was only 8? i like looking at the rainbow ans seeing all of the colours. when I'm an angel I'm going to fly and sit right at the top of it so thati will have all the colours all around me. i want to have silver wings and a pink dress and a gold haylow. and i will make my hair curly like the way they are on christmas cards. thank you form writing this poem and making me think of how beautiful the rainbow is Miss Terry. Love Amy
Terrie* ( -- Tuesday, September 28 2004, 10:03 pm

Amy, yeap only e-i-g-h-t...

you are the prettiest angel here on earth with a rainbow of colors...all childrens poetry will be posted w/you in mind..some new some old..HUGS/LOVE
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