Losing Out
Author: Barbara Goodhew


Being kind, loving and friendly is how we should be.
But it causes trouble to me.

A kind jesture is taken the wrong way.
Losing out on friendships.
For not doing it their way.

Try to express all you want is friendship.
But they see it as more.

Losing out on friendships is sad.
You try to be nice when saying friendship is all.

But some don't understand nice.
So you find yourself being rude.

Trust and Love takes time.
That's all good hearted people want is time.

Then they won't feel like they are



Comments on this poem/writing:

Martin Vann ( -- Monday, October 11 2004, 06:34 pm

A Loving Heart, Never, loses out!


There are times, in our lives, when we want to share, what seems to be, on the border-line, but that doesn't mean.., You have to open, a heart full of love, it only means, someone has love and understanding to share, you and who ever, can still be friends. I think, "But I do not know, you understand." So, if, there is a friend, that you feel, comes to close, tell me now, do you prefer a friend, or to stay, stale, safe, you live in your world of ice, where you felt nothing, from out side of your heart's palace, built of frezzing ice! Yes, I know, your reply, I am doing fine, what do you want from me? I reply, nothing but, the depth of your heart, which you write about, but you never say, what is in YOUR heart, What it is you need, you never say except, this is a private thing, between, my heart and and me, now, go away, I am happy, with myself.

I love this poem. Be nice, if, you reply to me, I am, also, a gentle heart!

barb ( -- Monday, October 11 2004, 08:05 pm

I am sharing my heart

When I write something it comes from my heart. I just don't go any deeper than what I'm ready for. Sorry if that's not enough.
Capricorn ( -- Monday, October 11 2004, 09:42 pm

no title

it sounds like someone has upset you Barb?
Terrie* ( -- Monday, October 11 2004, 10:11 pm


'aye Doll, if they want more than what you are capable of givin' right now if he is MALE then he is the one LOSING OUT on your friendship,( he needs to get to know you to allow trust love to build) i do not know you except thru your words and i find a sweet sensitive ,compassionate down to earth lady (i'd go on but we're on limited space mind ya LOL )at the end of her pen writing what is a part of her heart maybe not deep from her heart,when your ready you will...
i did.. but still a whole lot of you is there..i sure would hate to lose you as a friend, i want you to get to know me before you or i make a decision on that..great writing Doll..
barb ( -- Tuesday, October 12 2004, 12:09 am

yes cap

I don't seem to be sharing enough. I don't write about love or lust. So I guess I'm not sharing.
barb ( -- Tuesday, October 12 2004, 12:14 am

I knew you would understand Terrie

I'm not ready to open up I have to trust that person,and like you Terrie .That takes time. thanks for understanding.)))))))))))))))))))
Terrie* ( -- Tuesday, October 12 2004, 12:54 am

Barb, how could i see it. any other way?..

like you i express what others hearts make me FEEL, take for instance our friend Clive, 'aye i love the secret about a friend that is..he has grown to become a very close part of my life..way before and after he got married, we respond to one anothers words ,we know of one anothers hearts...nothing more.i feel flattered that you sometimes think more.i guess we give you your minds worth kinda like that game show...i love it.."To tell the truth" (will the real lover please stand up) i express/share my passion, cause if i was to not wake tomorrow... the passion of my love that i share with a special man made an impact on at least ONE man..a friend whom knows passion as well as i passion to pass on..but still there is only ONE man that i share the PASSION that i write about with and he knows who he is..dentity remains in a nutshell..
Terrie* ( -- Tuesday, October 12 2004, 01:02 am

Barb,'aye Doll one more thing...

when you have some "YOU' time please read
"do you think" & "without the passion"
i'd love to get your comment upon these
be honest..
that is what i am all about too..
i haven't known life another way even when death took my MAN away i still felt life in a good way..thanx..have yourself a Blessed Day!!
barb ( -- Tuesday, October 12 2004, 01:45 am

good poems terrie

I don't like to tell everybody in the world my past. All I can say Terrie is I have no love passion anymore since my tumour operation, that's why I admire your writing. (Ilove people and things but that's as far as it goes. there is that better.
Terrie* ( -- Tuesday, October 12 2004, 01:54 am

Barb, thank you that means so much..

But Barb, hun you do have passions it doesn't necessarily have to be of things that were in your past..doll lokk around you, the passion when you helped a neighbor when they came crying to you and the shoulder you offered when you couldn't offer more that person wenr back feeling so good after whatever you may have said..the puuppy that was shivering and you held in your arms close to your heart..Luv you have passion..let it roll onto your is there i feel know i love people ,i'm a hugger, sometimes just a hug gives the other person a lift, when a tear rolls from my eye i know that hug meant something, w/o the other person going into detail one just lesrns to listen w/their heart..your smile can bring someone out of a did it make you feel?...honestly after you made me feel happy that you praised my work, did it not make you happy that you drew me into my happiness? think about are love as you are Blessed..
barb ( -- Tuesday, October 12 2004, 02:27 am

I have alot of passion for things in life.

Terrie thanks for the advice, those are things that matter to me now, no sexual passion but life passion. That's what I write about everyday life, that is my passion.
Terrie* ( -- Tuesday, October 12 2004, 03:08 am

Barb, ya see..

ya have plenty of passion..
a whole world of it..
life in general is a passion..
i see a sunrise/sunsets in different levels w/a loved one "sensual" and w/friends "unsensual"..
well the mighty and powerful oz has as we learn to laugh from deep down until it hurts ,we learn to love from our hearts until it burns.....
i've taken enough of ur space doll, remember you rock...
barb ( -- Tuesday, October 12 2004, 06:36 pm

I did say back-off

Your comment of just say back-off. I did , it made him defensive Tried to say it nicely but I had to be more aggressive with my point.
joyce ivy ( -- Sunday, December 12 2004, 06:44 pm

Know what your mean Barb

You can only go as far as your heart will allow you...others should understand's hard to get close and trust is for me anyway...I cannot share my heart totally with anyone...but I am trying your poem...touches my heart...
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