A Guiding Light
13 October, 2004
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


Sometimes the little things mean so much
A word, a thought ...a prayer
You never know when an angel looks over your shoulder
Pushing your pen, whispering in you ear
Guiding you to make a significant difference
In a lesson, a direction ...a life
So always be true to the little things
Playing a certain song, sharing a dream
For there are hidden meanings in all we do
A simple kindness, a shared smile,
A higher unknown force ever guiding us
Making friendships, giving hopes ...and touching our hearts

------- Author's Notes -------

Special friends, touch our lives everyday with gifts to our hearts that most, never see... thank-you :)


Comments on this poem/writing:

Terrie* ( -- Wednesday, October 13 2004, 06:11 pm

Dreamer.. your words soar to the heavens...

angels manifest among us unaware...
we look around not aware...
they are there...
undisclosed and well known..

love this...this was very pleasant and endearing to read .
i do believe that Angels do reside among us...
i have one upon my shoulder right now;-)
barb ( -- Wednesday, October 13 2004, 06:52 pm

inspiring words

Ddreamer your words are much needed right now I had a guiding light but now it's down to a flickering flame but your words are bringing back my guiding light. thanks.
joyce ivy ( -- Wednesday, October 13 2004, 06:55 pm


Beautiful reading...
yes I believe there are angles
guiding our pens.
Clive ( -- Wednesday, October 13 2004, 07:14 pm

To soon for us all

Your words are so true,
never do come across as blue,
To love another we always share,
Angels are with us in different forms,
To be open a feel is simple to do,
Then why do so many choose thia way,
for tomorrow comes too soon for us all,
thank you for being you.
Meri ( -- Wednesday, October 13 2004, 07:25 pm


How are things with you Dreamer? I hope everything's alright! Yep, we do have angels among us on planet Earth! Not only can angels come in the form of spirits, but also, people. This was really inspiring, because in so many words, I know what you mean!

Take it easy Dreamer,
And I hope you endure strength,
Martin Vann ( -- Wednesday, October 13 2004, 08:33 pm

The Voice, Of Angel's Wings


A I feel, sorrow, in my life, I hear the wings, of angels, no, they don't fly by, but the seem to hoover, over my heart's pain. The wings of angels, share with me, in my plight, love is forever, no matter your course, rageing seas, or, just the course of life. I lift up, my empty heart, painfully, ridden heart, to the angel's wings. Once again, my broken heart is renewed. Thank you, who ever you are, for filling, my empty heart, with the sounds, of angels's wings, thank you, for who ever you are, I can now, go on, until I am a sound, of your angels' wings, thank you
for the sound, of angel's wings, above my heart.

Stacey ( -- Thursday, October 14 2004, 01:24 pm

I will simply say....

What a BEAUTIFUL poem.
Capricorn ( -- Friday, October 15 2004, 11:55 am

no title

Beautiful words Becky -- thinking of you
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