Author: Amy BananaHead


I woke up in the morning
And ran to my window.
I started screaming and laughing and jumping and shouting
Snow on the walls
Snow on the trees
Snow on the ground
And snow in the air.
Just like a huge blanket
It made outside look like magic!
I ran to daddy
And jumped on his bed
we got dressed and ran outside.
Made snow men and snow women
Some were big
Some were small
Some were round
Some were square
We had snow fights until our fingers hurt.
Our gloves got soaked
And our coats did too.
The sun came out
And the snow went away.
Never mind
It will come back again!

------- Author's Notes -------

There wasnt really any snow because it doesnt snow that much here. Daddy said if I'm good we might go on holiday at Christmas where there's lots of snow. So this is my poem for if we do go. I'm getting ready to know what it will be like.


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barb ( -- Tuesday, November 2 2004, 06:39 pm

no title

To be your age again would be neat.I'm from Canada, Ontario. We get lots of snow here. I love the snow too but with it comes cold weather and I hate the cold. enjoy the snow if you go somewhere, just bundle up warm ok.
Terrie* ( -- Tuesday, November 2 2004, 07:21 pm

AMY , This is cute. i love the snow..oh yess....

oh little one you will love your trip to the snow...when my husband was still alive ...every year for my birthday, he always took the kids and i up to the snow..brrrr cold yes ..but..i love the snow..i was born during the snow...making memories in the snow was awesome..haven't been up to the snow for quite some time but i hope to real soon......and yeap like Barb says bunnnnndle gets mighty chilly....i always wore 4 pair of socks a good pair of boots w/fleece lining many layers of thermals and at least 2 pair of gloves yet my toes and fingers always stayed cold..(took extra dry ones to change into) but it was still was worth every trip..every year...we had many snow ball fights..was sooooooo much fun....rolled a few semi big sized snow balls down the hill and watched them dissapear beyond the trees..

enjoy your trip will be such a lovely trip for you and your dad...(make sure you wear a good pair of shades if the sun is out..) drink a nice hot cup of hot cocoa for me afterwards ;-)
Amy ( -- Tuesday, November 2 2004, 08:32 pm

Miss Barb and Miss Terrie

thank you for the advise i will tell daddy to buy me lots of socks and gloves and a really warm jacket... but why do i have to wear sun glasses in the winter?
love Amy
Terrie* ( -- Tuesday, November 2 2004, 08:48 pm

Amy, even in the winter yes.....

the sun does shine.....Hunny if it is sunny and bright...(not warm enough to cover the chill) the sun will reflect off of the me it is beautiful..but...also very the eyes....

your daddy may be familiar with sunny snowy days...yes a good thick goose-down jacket or something similar works out great......or even a snow outfit..thats what we always got our that they could make snow angels...ever make a snow angel? they are cool and fun to make..... ENJOY.......your gonna have so much fun.....
PSSSST.. take yourself some chap sick too...(to prevent chapped lips)
Capricorn ( -- Wednesday, November 3 2004, 12:49 am

Hi Amy

Your poem made me smile. I live in England and we don't get much snow here anymore. I don't like the cold, but snow is pretty. Your poem made me think of when I was a little girl. Thanks for the memories that made me smile.
Amy ( -- Wednesday, November 3 2004, 09:32 pm

Miss Terrie

ohhhhhhhhh i get it now. i will tell daddy and he can buy me some sunglasses aswell but i want pink ones. that would be so cool.
love amy
Amy ( -- Thursday, November 4 2004, 06:09 pm

Miss Capricorn

thank you for reading my poem. did it used to snow a lot in england before? i dont remember seeing any... just on the telly.
Love Amy
Capricorn ( -- Thursday, November 4 2004, 11:13 pm

lots of snow

Well when my son was a little boy it sometimes used to snow a lot. I remember going shopping with him in his pushchair, and the snow had frozen hard, so the push chair went bumpity bump all the way to the shops.
My youngest son is like you -- hardly ever seen the snow. It would be nice to see it sometimes.
Do you live in England, Amy?
Amy ( -- Monday, November 8 2004, 04:44 am

Miss Capricorn

Yes Miss Capricorn, I live in England. I live in London. I like it here lots but daddy says we might move to somewhere where it's quieter. I dont want to go though. I dont want to go to another school and not have any friends. I like it here much better. I only want to go somewhere else for a holiday. Do you live in London too?
Love Amy
Webster ( -- Monday, November 8 2004, 03:31 pm

Your poem brought a smile to my face

with the different facets of a big snowfall. I liked the rhyming of magic with blanket. Will you comment on my Snow poem. Thanks.
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