The Water Beckons
14 November, 2004
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


Standing on the quarry cliffs
They stand waiting
The foolish and the brave
50 feet below the water beckons
Calling those who will listen
Hypnotic it glistens it's temptations
Light playing on the wind blown waves

A splash is heard to the left
As one of the callen' fall folly
Others wait to see them
Head bobbing up from the depths
Treading water decisions needing made
Brave the straight upward climb
Or start the long swim to shore

To the right another splash
Eyes turn to the sound
Watching the waves calm to the edges
Encircling the vanished

Ah, the bobber appears
Stricken, winded, wounded, coughing

And still the waters beckon another victim
Luring with the bait of adrenaline excitement
Facing fear in perfect swan dive
I jump...

Wind blowing by in stagnated time
Breath held, eyes open
Blurring, the wall of rock watches
Contact of cutting liquid
No pain,
Peaceful whooshing sound of bubbles
Flying through the water wondering which way is up
My decent to the depths slows
As I allow nature to aid
Quietly floating to the life-giving air
Breaking surface to my upcoming choice
I challenge the climb

One foot hold at a time
I reach for an outcropping of rock
Grasping up one step at a time
Thinking only upward
I reach my destination
Smiles of congratulatory friends
I breath deep my realization
And smile

Again the water beckons

------- Author's Notes -------

The old summer days of the 80's at Brandon Road Quarry....
...I remember


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Webster ( -- Sunday, November 14 2004, 02:52 pm

Adrenaline rush

I too remember the adrenaline rush of crashing to the bottom of unknown depths and the irresistable pull of repetition. Wonderful poem.
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