Just A Question
Author: Sharita


How are you?
How many times have you said it?
Now think of what you're asking.

Do you really want to know,
Or is it just your way of saying hello?
But what if you were told, what was really bothering someone
Would you leave and let them be,
Or would you take some time and listen to them?

What if they pour their hearts out to you?
After all, you did asked.
Would you say a few words and pass by,
Or would you help or at least try?

What if you're in a rush?
At the movies or at the mall.
Is "How are you" what you really mean?
Are you willing to listen in a time of need?
Are you ready for what somebody might tell you?
Or did you expect a simple, "Fine" or "All right."

If that's the case then you have unfortunately misunderstood.
For "How are you" is a question of concern
that could cause a lengthy response in return.
So, be sure to say exactly what you mean.
In order to avoid a situation
in which you may not be able
or have time to handle the conversation.

Now, I'm not trying to judge anybody.
I sometimes say it myself by mistake,
and when they let their feelings flow.
I think "what the hell did I just say that for?"
Sometimes I really want to know,
and other times I'm saying it just to say hi.

So, I try to think of it this way
"How are you" is similar to "I love you."
Which also should be said rare,
because they both show someone
that you're listening and you care.

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~~This May Not Apply To You~~


Comments on this poem/writing:

Terrie* ( -- Thursday, January 6 2005, 01:06 am

Yes, i really want to cup runneth over..

and i am here to learn from someones i at one time had been in their the norm this applies to a greater % of it family ,fiend or stranger...another human beings well being and welfare is of my concern and it starts one person at a long as i have breath...i have time...sometimes society seems to be in a is up to us to slow down and make pass and share one's heart around.....Great Read...
Wan Noor Iza Wan Yahaya ( -- Thursday, July 6 2006, 04:33 pm

U r right!

I agree when u said "How r u" is expressed of concern. I will try to remember to use the phrase in a more tactful manner. TQ
barb ( -- Thursday, July 6 2006, 08:38 pm

I do it too

I learned who to say hi to and who to say how are you .Some use a pleasant comment as an opening to tell all. so I only say hi now good message and the way you word it is exactly right.
Meri ( -- Wednesday, August 3 2011, 02:49 am

Got me

Yeah. I say that all the time. It's so natural for me to ask that question. It's my way of saying hi. You know, that's almost like asking the other common question "Are you all right?"

Sometimes it is obvious that the person isn't all right, but you're so used to hearing and saying it, you can't think of asking anything else at the moment.

Love that question Sharita. I'm guilty.
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