The Silent Void
9 January, 2005
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


I watch in silence of what once was
Not an empty place as it stands now
But a place of friendships being built
A place where hearts could touch and meet
A place where we could share defeat

But it was more fragile than we thought
Just a few mistakes and paradise was lost
Ghosts remain of what was once there
A place of peace; a place of love

It is all but a cemetery
Tombstones of recognized names
Remembering what is not the same
With only an occasional mumbling of a passer by

Will the breath of life ever return
Or the harshness of past mistakes take turn
I stand looking over the words before me
Do I silence the harsh thoughts with the stroke of a key
Or stand by belief in free thought

I remain there like a star in some movie of old
Slowly lighting a cigarette
Taking a moment to watch the flame
I pull up my collar to the cold
Turning, I fade as I walk away
From the silence of paradise lost

------- Author's Notes -------

inspired by Tarna's Forum post


Comments on this poem/writing:

Martin Vann ( -- Sunday, January 9 2005, 08:01 pm

Ghosts, Of Our Hearts, And Memmories...,

Here's looking at you, kid.., and your heart, I know how you feel. Sometimes at night, as I try to sleep, sleep becomes a room, full of love and memories. No, no cemetary, for all I see and feel in my heart is alive, thanks to me, and my memories. So, Kid, I understand, as you turn around, and with a sigh and puff of smoke, blown into the foggy, cold wind, you smile and say, "This, One's for You kid." for all of you as I walk down this lonely street, I remember you.
Love this poem, Dreamer -MV
joyce ivy ( -- Monday, January 10 2005, 02:02 am


dreamers this is very good. it has an air about it that just makes me think of The Untouchables. Don't know if you are old enought to remember this show. but I love it. The men in their trench coats..pulling up their collars and lighting up that cigarette. and blowing it into the fog filled air. Love this poem. great one...joyce
RinRin ( -- Monday, January 10 2005, 04:42 am


Yes, I miss it too, Dreamer. It almost seems a serious matter and it's such a small thing! They'll come back *RinRin*
LinzAy ( -- Monday, January 10 2005, 05:40 am


OO! I like this a lot! Great writing!
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