Man Of Substance
2 May, 2005
author: Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (aka Dreamer)


I see you there before me
Solid as a rock you stand
And yet when I try to touch you
Your form melts as if it is sand

I cry and your words comfort me
But the lack of touch makes me feel alone
You talk pretty and say the right things
Upon opening my eyes, you are not home

You say you are here for me
And as I turn to you, you fade
Not as solid as I thought you were
And through my silent tears I wade

You are but a ghost of a dream lover
Your substance is not real
I know for if in the darkness I call out
The warmth of your touch I will never feel

So go about your ghostly ways
Speaking pretty words that sound so grand
For in the end I must stand firm
I need more than dreamer's mist of a man


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Martin Vann ( -- Monday, May 2 2005, 06:26 pm

Pretty Words, Yet, I Feel, The Warm, Soft Touch

The dream, of a ghostly man, with words spoken, how hollow do they sound, yet, they fall on solid ground. Yes, we all dream, of what we do not have, and from there..., we all seek a ghost, with a heart as soft, as a white cloud, and we want to feel, the the touch, of his hand, upon our heart, his hand wrapped in silk as he touches, the moisture of our hungry heart. So, he is a ghost, at least he speaks and touches me with the flavor of love and a gentle hand, I love the touch and the taste of my ghost..., Don't we all cry out sometimes, for what we do not know, but can feel. I love the touch of this, loving ghost.
Outsanding release, of a heart!
blastard ( -- Friday, April 27 2007, 12:55 pm

i think we had the same boyfriend

you described so perfectly what its like to love an addict. someone who is so close yet so far away. wanting so bad to get through to someone who's given up their soul to stay high. Wanting to touch what cannot feel. Not having to ask any questions cause your already being lied to. You worded such a heartbraking situation so beautifully, i had to smile.
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