Limousines And Scotch Tape
Author: ShyHeart


When I was a child, I had this special place just for me, in the corner of the room
Mother said, this is your place, no one will ever take it away from you, this is a
Special place, where you can lay your heart and dream, Mother promised, no
One will ever take this place away, from me so, I slept and dreamed so, warm

I dreamed that the scotch tape, mother placed on the cracks in the window
Would keep the cold away, it did, as I slept, I dreamed that Daddy came back
Home and mother would have the cash, to pay the rent, and Daddy, could stay
He held me in his arms, I felt all his love, and saw his tired face, then, heard

Mother say, Daughter, let Daddy rest, for tomorrow, he goes back to work, far
From your broken window, but once again, when he comes home, you will feel his
Loving arms and yes, Now, I can replace, the scotch tape on your window, so
Go to sleep, and wait for Daddy to come home and hold you once again, in his arms

That day, never came, Mother died, something killed her, it was about her heart
I remember when the pastor, knocked on the door, said, it is time for the service
I have the Limousine ready, paid for by the county, are you ready, to say
Good-Bye? Your mother is at peace and your Daddy died, working in the fruit fields,
But he sent this package, addressed to his little girl, he sent it to me, guess,
he knew, you were busy.

I opened it up and the tears just came, raining down, there was this note...,
Sorry daughter, I wasn't there when mother died, would have been
But your mom and I agreed, our lives do not matter, If you have a warm place to
Sleep. I unwrapped the package, it was a roll, of Scotch Tape, for my window

Daddy never knew, I sang in the church choir, one day, this guy
Walked up to me and said, you should sing, to the world and I said
I'm only fifteen and mother is sick, I can not leave mom or dad
He said, your voice, will pay for all their needs, come with me

Mother said, go child, you have the angel's voice, go and sing
Then, when you have the time, come home, put Scotch Tape, on your window
Mother died, before I got home, I loved the world, my voice found
Money and everything, it came all at once, but, all I loved, left me

Now, I'm in front of that old house, it is so empty, all the windows
Are cracked, then I get out and put up some Scotch Tape, on the window
That mother said, would always be, my special place, then
I get back into the Limousine, holding what is left, of the Scotch Tape

------- Author's Notes -------

I knew this girl, will respond to comments, from those who care to hear about this poem's birth.


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