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Performance  -  written by: Shiloh  -  07/20/2019  -  (Life Journeys)
Lost City Of Paradise  -  written by: Mental  -  07/19/2019  -  (Love - forbidden)
A Good Cold  -  written by: Mental  -  07/19/2019  -  (Understanding)
Turned Me Inside Out  -  written by: Mental  -  07/19/2019  -  (Lust Erotic or Sensual)
I Love You Mom  -  written by: Eric Engeseth  -  07/18/2019  -  (Death - tribute)
And It Hurts  -  written by: Shiloh  -  07/16/2019  -  (Disappointment)
Never Nam And Never The Nam  -  written by: Shiloh  -  07/14/2019  -  (Anger)
Saying I Am Sorry  -  written by: Shiloh  -  07/14/2019  -  (Feelings)
The Moonlight Steps  -  written by: Mental  -  07/11/2019  -  (Fantasy)
Good Morning Rose  -  written by: Joseph Ogbonna  -  07/08/2019  -  (Love - just beginning)
The Talking Heads  -  written by: Shiloh  -  07/06/2019  -  (Betrayal)


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