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Curious  -  written by: Shiloh  -  08/13/2020  -  (Confusion)
Covid 19 Commercialised  -  written by: M B J Pancras  -  08/08/2020  -  (Searching For Answers)
Akunna The Osu Goddess (african Writing)  -  written by: Joseph Ogbonna  -  07/31/2020  -  (Love)
The Poet Must Not Turn Away  -  written by: Shiloh  -  07/31/2020  -  (Life Journeys)
Mister Lonely  -  written by: Shiloh  -  07/30/2020  -  (Military Memories)
Being A Slacker With A Friend  -  written by: Barbara Goodhew  -  07/29/2020  -  (Disappointment)
Passing Through Turmoil Of Microbe…. (experi..  -  written by: M B J Pancras  -  07/21/2020  -  (Time)
Haikus In Variety  -  written by: M B J Pancras  -  07/21/2020  -  (Reflective)
A Melon’s Quixotism  -  written by: M B J Pancras  -  07/21/2020  -  (Political)
Fraudulent Union (i-viii)  -  written by: M B J Pancras  -  07/21/2020  -  (Reflective)
Haikus (assorted)  -  written by: M B J Pancras  -  07/21/2020  -  (Reflective)
Final Purpose In Life  -  written by: Shiloh  -  07/19/2020  -  (Aging)


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