A Thousand Miles
Author: RainFlyer8


Can't wait to tell my family
Can't wait to tell my friends
Now they'll finally know
The old me has come to the end
I'm no longer so innocence
So disgustingly Naive
I had sex with strangers
And money i recieved
I will smile as I tell them
So it really they really hurt
I will make them regret
The day my mother gave birth
To me their "perfect child"
I'm no longer Daddy's little girl
I've grown up and I've grown cruel
Common characteristics in this world
I get drunk almost everynight
I smoke pot and sniff paint and glue
And to pay for this items
I have sex with the dealers too
I couldn't take it anymore
I had longed to be bad
And now I've morphed into this
Someone "totally rad"
The thing is I am proud of it
I'm glad they finally feel pain
Because all the years of screaming
I wasted my voice in vain
And now they finally hear me
Now they finally do
This is my loudest way
I could say "screw you"
If they couldnt listen to my talking
I would have to scream
I've been this way so long
I'm bursting at the seams
And now I'm finally broken
My heart shattered on the floor
Now I've caused them so much greif
They barely love me anymore
Everyday I'm locked to my room
Told to do my homework
But I'll make my escape soon
I will climb out the window
And take my most precious things
I'm so excited
I feel my skin tingling
My drug dealer has promised
To drive me away in his van
And I will go with him
I long to tread new land
I'll become a hitchhiker
Or a hippie on the street
I'll do anything
To accelerate my heartbeat
Because I crave excitment
I want danger in my life
I want to walk on the edge
To stand on the blade of a knife
I had to do this sometime
Mommy dont you understand
Daddy didn't you realize
Cause i know your that smart a man
You should've saw this coming
You should have known its there
You shouldn't have ignored me
The signs were crystal clear
But you couldn't admit it
That your baby wasn't the best
But finally now I'm happy
I had to get that off my chest
And now I'm stuck in the unknown
A thousand miles from you
Are you looking for me daddy
Is your schedule askew
I don't know if you miss me
I don't know if i care
All I want to realize
Is the feelings are there
That i can show compassion
I can miss you too
But now I'm here
With now way back
A thousand miles from you
I want to be home
I'm drenched in my tears
And I'm finally afraid
I want my Mommy to quiet my fears
I beg a few quarters from passerbyes
And find a payphone
And Dial those faded numbers
my ticket to home
A few rings and a "Hello"
My voice is raspy and slow
I finally say "Daddy."
"Daddy, I want to come home."
You asked me where I was
I was a thousand miles from you
You told me go to the police
And to me you flew
When I saw you walk through the door
I had to cry and scream
I knew you finally heard me
And you sewed up all my seems
So it took a thousand miles
And a reunion of you and me
And a lot of hardbreak
To show you what you couldn't see
A thousand miles says a lot
It turns young into grown
But I don't wanna be grown anymore
I just wanna be home
.........with you

------- Author's Notes -------

When people aren't heard they do drastic things. If you need to be heard that badly you'll take it to the extremes and find a way. Even if it takes you this long to be heard at least your satisfied....this girl just needs to know she's loved.


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Meridian ( -- Wednesday, June 22 2005, 03:23 pm

sad but true

You're absolutely right RF8! If some teenagers have parents that shut them out all the time, or let what they say go in one ear and out the other, the teenager builds up resentment in them and anger. It's like the teenager is thinking "I'll show them" and they do too. Even if it is down right nasty, some will do anything to get their parents attention to make them listen. It's sad that it had to come to that though. Outstanding, marvellous poem! Keep it up Rainflyer8!
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