Never Takin' You Nor Life For Granted Ever Again
Author: Terrie*


this mornin' as i sat out on my porch
listenin' to the train whistle blow
i went back in time

back in time when i was but a kid in my parents eyes
i recall the many roses back on the ranch
in mamas garden
that bordered our home

mama used to cut many
and share them with the neighbors
and still had plenty to place in a vase for our table

so soft and pretty and in so many colors
i was always taken by their beauty
when ever i glanced and touched their petals

i cain remember going up to each rose in bloom
and even the onse that weren't
and inhalin' their sweet fragrance

wonderin' if they taste as sweet as they smelled
i took a petal and took a bite
it was sweet in my mouth

i remember the many butterflies
that came to visit the roses in mamas garden
i cain still remember the vivid colors of the monarch
oh how pretty they were
mama always said
never handle one cause their wigs were so fragile

but, that it was ok if one landed on your hand
and they did but not that often
ohh and the beautiful colors they proudly displayed

and also the many lady bugs
now they always seemed to land on my hand
they were so pretty to see

i cain remember as i was growin' up
i always had time to stop by mamas garden
and enjoy the beauty that surrounded it

i was never too busy as a child
now what is stoppin' me?
when i was a child so much of nature
that i saw made me feel happy through and through

now i feel so guilty
for not takin'
the time to enjoy the real gifts
that God has given me

how could i allow myself
to take something so valuable for granted
even the tree's that i've sat underneath
they are all there for free
of his love for me

i should live life to the fullest again
by listenin' and enjoyin' the beauty God has given to me
even includin' you Darlin' my love
now i know these lovely feelings will never go away
since God opened my heart to love
when he placed you among the things i've taken for granted
thank you Darlin'

------- Author's Notes -------

when you love someone never stop lettin' them know, more so when they live in another state..take the time to tell


Comments on this poem/writing:

Meridian ( -- Thursday, June 23 2005, 04:47 pm

so right

Because you never really feel the void until that person has gone. That's when it hits you. It's like something's missing, or something's incomplete. Letting a loved one know that you appreciate them everyday---something I need to work on. Thanks for typing this poem! I'm glad I ran across it! Superb poem Queen!
Terrie* ( -- Friday, June 24 2005, 12:49 am

Hi Misssssssss Meri ; )

yup, until there gone or away on a trip,ya get a chemical imbalance in the heart, which was hay wire to begin with, things we don't have to think about as kids cause then we automatically make time for somebody, then we grow up ! and caint even manage to make time for ourselves, as we are too busy tryin' to make a livin' for our family..glad ya like..
barb ( -- Monday, June 27 2005, 10:48 pm

to hard on yourself

Your writing is good Terrie. You explained in this poem is what we all do,I did before. And then God or somebody shook me and woke me up.Passing things by,taking things like speech for granted. At least you realised it without him having to shake you. Very good Message.
Terrie* ( -- Monday, June 27 2005, 11:23 pm

Thank you Barb

actually , i did get shook, when i lost my (husband) first love to death, i always thought he would always be there, this time i am not takin' the special man God Blessed me with (2nd love) and gave me as "My Man" to love and walk w/me for my remainin' years in life ,every chance i have he will know how much i appreciate him, either through a poem , phone or e-mail, one way or another he will know , until he comes home to us..
Terrie* ( -- Monday, June 27 2005, 11:41 pm

P.S Barb,

your Special to me too Doll!! you open up the meanin' to my words, you understand my heart when it is happy and when it has been hurt , i thank you, your words of poetry and in comments, give insight to my life. like the prayers that i seek to be answered to bring my love home quickly to me. thank you!!!
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