Author: Confused


Im getting really depressed
Im not sure if its real
I want to kill myself
Im not sure how i feel

People think Im happy
Its all just for show
They dont know whats going on inside
my feelings i refuse to let them know

Ive spent countless nights
crying myself to sleep
wishing to die
but i dare not make a peep

If i told u how i truly feel
it would surely scare you away
i couldnt handle that
you help me survive each and everyday


Comments on this poem/writing:

RubyDragon ( -- Wednesday, May 21 2003, 09:47 am

Nicely Worded

You have just captured the way I have been feeling for Quite a while, Glad to know I'm still not the only one feeling this way. Excellent poem.
ryan ( -- Wednesday, May 21 2003, 05:05 pm

me to

i have felt this way many times. you will get over what every made you this depressed eventually. if you ever need someone to talk to thats been through that im always here..(in the forum-snip)

great poem
superwoman ( -- Monday, August 25 2003, 02:41 am

no title

tell them...tell them exactly how you feel. Let EVERYONE know whats going through ur mind. Obviously people have made u feel this way.And its either they didnt realize it..or...they do it cuz they think ur not getting hurt. And by not saying anything...they do it over and over again just to screw u over. So make everyone feel the same pain you feel.Make EVERYONE suffer just like you do.So they can see what its like.Why hold it all in? Who cares what their reations are.Dont be afraid to be yourself.Screw what everyone thinks.
Tim Thornley (, 10.) -- Thursday, September 25 2003, 04:32 am

Your not alone.

I used to feel this way to i have ADD and with that came episodes of depression in my life. Day after day week after week i only was merly surviving without purpose without meaning. The things i sort after only caused me more pain, I felt that i some how i would always feel this way that i was the only one who cared.
Then one day i was invited to a youth camp where there was an opertunity to lead a life without feeling this cage over me i felt for so long, i couldn't deny this truth that a saw. And from that day on i saw with my eyes open and gave my life to Christ. From that day on my life has changed so much in so many increadable ways AND not only is it for me, it's for everyone who is reading this right now to. He loves you more than you could ever realise.
Ben ( -- Thursday, September 25 2003, 08:47 am

Depression through and through....

You have expressed in your poem very well what many, many people are suffering with..Depression through and through. It is part of the times and reality that we live with. Thank You, and I hope you keep writing!
Sabrina Erdely ( -- Thursday, October 2 2003, 10:58 pm

ca i thalk to you

hey I fell like dying and i dont know what to do I need some one to talk to about this and im really scared to tell some one plese email me at
Emily Phillips ( -- Saturday, March 13 2004, 03:55 am

no title

I have felt like this for a long time and I have tried to write how I feel and i read this poem and you say what I have tried to say for months now...
xx ( -- Sunday, April 4 2004, 04:36 pm

many fell your pain through your poem

my props to you
Confused ( -- Wednesday, June 9 2004, 02:01 am


hey guys, thanks alot for all ur support. im glad i could help, <snip>
Mike ( -- Tuesday, November 2 2004, 11:30 pm


You've said exactly what I've been wanting to express for a few years. I've never known how to put it before, but if I did I'm sure I couldn't have put it better then you have. Great poem.
batafish22 ( -- Saturday, April 9 2005, 05:43 am

no title

man your poem is me exactly. i know exactly how you feel
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