Last Poem
Author: Crimson Angel


Within thy depths sorrow shan't sleep
For it will be thou tears, that I weep
Hope will always be in thy breast
Where thine heart will have some rest
Angels shall rise above the test
Bring in Hell to destroy the rest

Wund elakar charnaggen roesor zhal naut v'dri
Whol ol orn tlu dosst krik'vlicss, nindel Usstan niyar
Kestal orn zuch tlu wun elakar arlyurl
Vel'klar l' xukuth orn inbal fol v'dre
Mirshannen zhal ku'lam phor l' zud'dar
Sila wun Uoi'nota ulu elgg l' v'dre


Comments on this poem/writing:

Crimson Angel ( -- Tuesday, September 16 2003, 08:43 pm

Author's Comment

Heheh, as you can see, the bottom half is in a different language. :D Well, it says the same thing, for you slow people. Also, the title is "Last Poem" so, if none of you have noticed, this will be my last poem...And if not, it will surely be the last one I put on here...I'm just going to live life now! ^-^ But I will check in to see how you all like my work. So, thank you all so much for the comments on my work, I enjoy them dearly!!
LinzAy ( -- Wednesday, September 17 2003, 12:15 am


I like that. With the dif langauge and all. Nice rythym too...too bad this will be ur last on here.
John ( -- Wednesday, September 17 2003, 01:28 pm

Last one?

I sincerely hope this is not your last poem...You are very good at expressing your feelings. If you post elsewhere let us know.......John
Crimson Angel ( -- Wednesday, September 17 2003, 11:58 pm

Author's Comment

Eh, it'll surely be my last one on here, but I'm glad you both enjoy it. The meaning was tilted more towards a moral, I've heard, oh so many times, and hopefully, you people can figure it out. Anyway, sorry about it being my last, but yeah...But, John, I will let you all know, if I submit my owkr elsewhere. :P Though I doubt it. <.<; Anyway, thanks again, you two. :)
Terrie* ( -- Thursday, September 18 2003, 06:39 pm

truely gifted

C.Angel , i have read some of your poetry, i find them to be of excellent workmanship a gift that only a few posses..i stand behind you as well as others here for you to go and live it to the fullest dear.. life doesn't stand still...your still go out into the world and get your self a bit of that good life that you deserve...that is where memories and our poetry are made from....may life find you in a world of happiness where ever you ground yourself..may it also one day lead you back to this site to share your highlights...we at dreamers have somewhat becsme like a big signing in here is sorta like going to g'mas house to catch up on one will remain deep in our thoughts and prayers......K.I.T.....Terrie*
Crimson Angel ( -- Friday, September 19 2003, 06:57 pm

Author's Comment

I write this from experience, when I say, I truelly indeed, love writing poetry, but since I have been too depressed lately, I heard that it wasn't healthy, so I'm deciding to take a break from it all. Maybe some day, once again, I'll come back into my old self, and rewrite. But until then...See ya! :)
Terrie* ( -- Friday, September 19 2003, 08:09 pm


C.Angel,when you are ready... someday you will return ...poetry is your a parent i am proud of your poetry. your writings are remarkable.but ...yes..first tend to your mind and your heart..a majority of us have been faced w/a similar situation that you are presently facing..if ever you need us we are close by..when you have a chance read one of the latest poems written by seizure titled: "breath of life" it's words will embrace you from the start..Remember we are close by..keep that chin are not alone...
Crimson Angel ( -- Sunday, September 21 2003, 04:56 pm

Author's Comment

I know I'm not alone, nor do I want to believe I am. I'm just going out to make sure that I actually can make something out of my insignificant life. Anyway, I'm quite pleased with the opportunities that have come my way since, and hopefully, I can accept them to give me a jump start on actually living. But, as I said before, I'll always check in to see if anymore comments are posted. Thanks to you all once again, for the comments. :)
~Leah~ ( -- Friday, September 26 2003, 03:47 am


Why is it not healthy to write when your depressed?
Crimson Angel ( -- Friday, September 26 2003, 09:06 pm

Author's Comment

It wasn't really the writing, it was the fact I kept wanting to commit suicide, and my writings weren't really helping me in that category. But, I'm somewhat better, actually able to breathe now, without having to end up cursing or falling to my knees in stress. But anyway, yeah. :)
Terrie* ( -- Saturday, September 27 2003, 01:39 am


C.A, happy to hear that your doing much better..we all need time out from our everyday routine..i was hoping that you would post again..kept you in my know that i am just one among many friends that you have here on dreamers and i know that i not only speak formyself...but for others as well...your whole life is ahead of you and...we are here for you when ever you need are family....
Crimson Angel ( -- Sunday, September 28 2003, 01:32 am

Author's Comment...

It's come to my conclusion, that I have finally given up poetry. Just for all of you to know, though not like it really matters. I barely know anyone of whom I may find comfort in, and thus bringing me to my end. I have nothing to confide in, or to trust, thus I shan't be depressed. I have a lonely feeling always, thus leaving me never to be happy. I am what I am, and leaving myself to be that way. Always, and forever the same. Please enjoy the ones I did write in the past, if you can, and thanks to those who did.
Terrie* ( -- Sunday, September 28 2003, 03:15 am

Crimson Angel...we will all surely miss your poetry....

C.A, it saddens me that you are thinking 'bout bringing your poetry to an end...something that you really love...i do not want to say too much or say too little...but a parent i understand thatonly you know what you are dealing/w . i do hope that you find someone whom you feel comfortable confiding are a young soul w/alot to offer, trust me will find happiness....loneliness will be of the past...
Crimson Angel ( -- Wednesday, October 1 2003, 09:03 pm

Author's Comment

Bleh...I'm beginning to regret my retirement from writing poetry...I have been so mad lately...I can write good now, but I'm just not in the mood...Well, I prolly won't find anyone to confide in...Like I'd want one I can...I usually tend to keep to myself, so mhmm...But, these past few days have been stressful, upon my physical self, as well as mental. And hopefully, it'll pass...But I'm glad for all your comments, so...Thanks.
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