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Author: Ben Franklin


Co-written with Terrie* and Benjamin Franklin

"We pass a homeless mother down on her luck and her children everyday
Sleepiní in the back of the only vehicle they own that doesnít runĒ

We see babies mockiní gangs and killiní as if at play
In a life of wanna beís holdiní a gun

We hear the fashion industries say, sell at the fraction of the price
Top industries only see big bucks, they donít care who buys
We need to place Peace in the core of our heart
In order to prevent teariní so many lives apart

We are aware that Drugs can take us for a spin
Makiní us believe that life through itís eyes is where life begins
We filterí words, of those we love by heariní only what we want to hear
We need to Listen to their heart, by sharin' unconditional loviní thoughts

We can all learn to dig deep into our souls
Where God exists, sadness would be forever lost a well earned goal
We are told that lack of funds is why many go unfed,
They claim not enough shelter space to spare or spread


Why do you need seven cars when you only have one bum?

I can see if you bought a car or two for your dad and your mum
But seven cars? Seriously, have you checked the sum?
That's throwing away Gís. Consider your credit and income.
Some get rich and just spend unwisely and foolishly,
Am I seeing what I'm seeing or is it all illusory?
You could be sitting on a goldmine and still go bankrupt
What? Four watches and seven rings still ain't enough?


Why do we pull the trigger to kill one,
When we know it will destroy many?

Why even kill at all? Think about 6 year old Jenny.
Violence never solves, of course you already know
All it takes is one bullet to stop the blood flow
Rifles, howitzers, glock 22ís, silencers, semi-automatics
There's no doubt a murder is just plain idiosyncratic
To be held accountable for a life or some lives
Will cost you in prison, eating cream cheese and chives


Why at 12 years old is she wearing a thong?
Why is it me and not the parents that see this is wrong?

We like to have babies, but dislike the responsibility
And it's sad that at 13 and 14, teens are losing their virginity
Some kids are pretty much raising themselves
It isn't the child's fault that she's erotic at 12
Nowadays, in the homes, roles are being reversed
Kids got a mouth full of rotten teeth from eating snickers and starbursts
How can you say the parents care, when they're never there?
We got 3-year-olds straying, because parents are God knows where


Why do we shout out peace then run to the back of the crowd?

Why do we wait for someone else to voice their opinions out loud?
We'll never get heard, if we don't talk within ear range
Don't be amongst the audience, be the influence for a change
You'll never be taken notice of if what you say isn't made clear
Folks will think you're just a bystander looking on from the rear
It's time to get out of neutral, and switch and shift some gears
Don't plead the fifth year after year, defeat that spirit of fear


Why do we make getting high our aim,
When we know it will destroy our soul and brain?

Why do we choose wrong over right? Sane over insane?
Why do we like to do things we know will inflict pain?
Remember the diagrams staff showed us at school?
Drugs and alcohol can be deadly, which is far from cool
Lung cancer, asthma, mental illnesses, heart attacks
Fainting, falling out, getting nauseous, seeing jet-black
This isn't the way to go, people who love you will tell you so
We should all try to live instead of trying to be 6 feet below


Why do we find the sweetest somebody we will ever know,
Then stupidly go and let them go?

Why look for an angel? Evidently, we've just given one up.
When we knew we would've been happy; especially @ the pre-nup
It doesn't make much sense to start back at square one
The years we could've spent married and having great fun
We waste looking for someone just a tad bit better and greater
You can have the superior; I wouldn't mind dating a waiter


Why do we frown,
When we know that smiling is the best medicine?

Why not a least show all thirty-twos?
Change colors. I hate to see you so berry blue.
Smiling is therapy. Smiling cures, Smiling heals.
Am I serious? You better believe Iím for real.
Frowns can bring on chaotic, turbulent days
Frowns can bring on malevolence rather than sunrays
A smile can be worth so much more than silver and gold
How can you not giggle at the funniest joke being told?

Frown too long and youíll forget how to laugh
So feel whole again, not like youíve just been sliced in half
Straighten the folds in that forehead, turn that frown around
Turn it right side up---go take a drive through town
Hit the store and treat yourself to a bottle of Pepsi and a Reeses
Just come back to me when youíre not in a million pieces


Why can't the government find money to help the sick and poor,
But always seem to find money for unnecessary wars?

Weíre talking trillions and billions
Weíve gotten to the point where weíve passed the millions
Itís unexplainable; money, money, and more money
While some countries are just as bad as bees without honey
Famine, drought, and AIDS are sweeping the lands
Those who tried to hold on to life have already returned to sand
Iím guilty myself when Iíve thrown that salty turkey dinner away
Half cooked or overcooked, Iíve complained too much in my day

It took me a while before I realized how blessed I really am
To see the refrigerator, freezer, and cabinets almost crammed
While some are in the hospital breathing by tubes and respirators
Now every single day I have to stop myself to thank the Creator
Weíre able to wash ourselves and use the bathroom on our own
Yet some of the sick are wearing diapers and are unable to do it all alone
The last thing we need in this world is another aircraft or a tank
Letís do something else with all that cheese we got in the bank


Why do we wear a crucifix around our necks
When we don't believe in God?

A lot of people want to be Christians but ainít living up to their titles
If you believe in God, then why are you worshipping other idols?
This is the most baffling and the most backwards topic of them all
Shooting needles while youíre giving me something biblical on Paul
Being good wonít get us into Heaven; weíve got to act a part
What we profess to be, must be rooted and grounded in our hearts
Donít quote scriptures to me, when you dillydally and vacillate
Your name shouldíve been ďtideĒ since all you do is fluctuate

"So why donít we gain strength and put our faith in the father,
Why donít we all just grab a the question and let ourselves become the answer"

------- Author's Notes -------

It was wonderful working and sharing with Terrie* and Meridian to create such a thought-provoking and inspired poem. While writing the first few paragraphs, we soon realized that we have so much to be thankful for and have received so many blessings we can't even count them all.
I thank you both!


Comments on this poem/writing:

Terrie* ( -- Tuesday, October 25 2005, 12:23 am

Breathtakin' & Amazin'

Ben this was truely AMAZIN', thank you for includin' me on one of your deep set projects, what i commented on Meri's section , i DITTO over to YOU too, you are both far the greatest, not tooo shabby..WE did great..once again thank you for includin' me. this baby you created was absolutely breathtakin'.
Ben f ( -- Tuesday, October 25 2005, 04:30 am

An honor

Terrie* and Meri,It ws an honor to put this together with the both of you,to work with one amazing heart is something else,but two? wow! thanks for joining me
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