My Father's Life
Author: KitKatrina


My dad was a very sick man,
I had never known how sick he was,
I finally was awoken at age 13,
And saw just how sick he really was,
My friend and I were in my room,
It was her first time staying the night,
My sister was sleeping in the next room,
I thought everyone was asleep it was 2 a.m.,
I heard the TV turn on and get really loud,
I ran out to see what was going on,
I went to the livingroom to see,
My dad gasping for air cause he couldnít breathe,
I started freaking out and asking him questions,
He couldnít say a word for about a minute,
He told me he couldnít move and couldnít breathe,
I decided to call my mom at her house,
I asked her what I was to do,
She told me to hurry and call 911,
After 20 or more minutes of waiting,
The ambulance finally arrived,
When they brought the stretcher in the house,
They couldnít figure out how to move my dad,
They picked him up as fast they could,
He started to panic and couldnít breathe,
He was gasping for air for about 5 minutes,
They took him away but he was back the next day,
He had had a stroke, I think this was number 4,
He lost his voice and couldnít move his tongue,
The left side of his body was motionless,
And the left side of his face was drooped down,
His voice was never the same again,
He sounded like a 5 year old boy,
And from this day on my dad seemed gone,
A couple months later he had heart attack number 3 or 4,
He had to have a back surgery on his spine,
He had staff infection, paritinitus, kidney failure, diabetes,
Heart failure, and he was now in a coma from the surgery,
The spinal surgery was from falling off my go-cart,
He was in a coma for a few weeks,
He was living off life support the whole time,
Breathing with a respirator and weighed almost nothing,
They told us he was practically brain dead,
The pulled the plug and my dad survived for one day,
I never got to say goodbye to him and miss him like crazy,
Itís been almost 4 years since he died,
But the pain I feel is even worse than the day he died,
I never got to experience having a father,
All I want is one last minute to say goodbye and I love you,
I wish I had been a better daughter and loved him more,
I guess what all of this is about is to tell my story,
To let you know that you should cherish and love,
At least while you still have the time because I donít,
So take it from someone that has been there,
Life is short and you never know what tomorrow holds...

------- Author's Notes -------

This "story" was really hard to write, it was like reliving all my worst memories. Sadly the only memories I hold of my dad are bad ones. I really hope that this poem helps you realize how important your loved ones are. Love them now while they are here to be loved on. Rest in peace dad and God bless you all!


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Meridian ( -- Thursday, December 15 2005, 05:53 pm

sad story, but good advice

Hey KitKatrina! I know what you mean. Whenever I do or if I even think about crossing the line with my folks, I know what's coming. I've learned that they'll never be a replica of my mom or my dad. Recently, I'm trying to put into practice saying "I love you" as often as I can because it's a terrible thing if I wait until they're ill or perished to say what they meant to me all the years that they were alive....Inspiring poem Katrina, truly inspiring. Take care Trina....
anonymous ( -- Saturday, December 17 2005, 07:58 pm


The stroke hit me once,left side, like your dad and really open up my eyes. Your dad went through a very hard time, all the way to the end. I miss my dad as well. Thanks for the reminder and a nice poem about your dad. Keep sharing with us KitKatrina
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