Author: Catyrose


Every day you carry me
When others let me down
You hold me up
You fill my cup
With love that overflows

We stand together side by side
And manage through it all
As days go by, I realize
How fond of you Iíve grown

Who are you then?
You are my friends
My sisters near and dear
We stand together straight and tall
We heed each otherís every call

We cringe, we cry
We wonder why
Our path has led us here

To a lonely place
An empty space
No man can comprehend

Who are you then?
You are my friends
My sisters near and dear

We soothe each others fears
We wipe away the tears that fall
We rise above it all


Comments on this poem/writing:

Clive ( -- Friday, February 3 2006, 02:29 pm


BRAVO, another great piece My friend the Suffragette
Catyose ( -- Friday, February 3 2006, 03:27 pm

thanks :)

Kerry ( -- Thursday, February 16 2006, 04:14 pm

LOVE it!

I would like to send it to my friends...ok?
Catyrose ( -- Thursday, February 16 2006, 08:14 pm

I'd be honored!

Thanks kiddo :)
Shannon ( -- Friday, April 20 2007, 03:03 pm

I love it

Is peom reminds me of me and my best friend terra
barb ( -- Friday, April 20 2007, 10:18 pm

like your way of thinking

I Liked this write.It shows what a caring ,kind,thoughtful person you are. very nice Catyrose
Catyrose ( -- Saturday, April 21 2007, 01:04 am

Thanks ladies

Glad you enjoyed the poem. Thank you both very much for your kind comments.
Stacey L. Gaffney ( -- Monday, July 16 2007, 10:02 pm

This ones a Keeper!

This is just the peom my group of W2E Ladies have been looking for. This poem is great!
Catyrose ( -- Tuesday, July 17 2007, 09:15 pm

thank you

very much for your comments. Glad the poem can be put to good use.
Crystal ( -- Tuesday, October 9 2007, 10:47 pm


I am writing an essay on sisterhood and I was wondering if I could quote your poem.
Catyrose ( -- Friday, October 12 2007, 06:17 pm


You may quote the poem. I'm flattered.
Sister ( -- Friday, November 30 2007, 03:52 am

Sister to Sister

This is truly an awesome poem, such depth and I would like permission to share this with my sorority sisters please
anonymous ( -- Sunday, December 2 2007, 06:30 pm


Guess your right. Can't comprehend. At first I thought this was a gay poem. Men try not to cry, shows weakness. Men play rough and tumble, shoot em up cowboys with each other. To smooth each others fears, not! We jump off bridges instead, fly on bikes, fear is what we need. Your right, some of us don't understand. Like your poem, but I think I'll stick to the brotherhood and play some smash em bang em football. You go girls! See you on the dance floor. Ha,ha, did I stir it up?
catyrose ( -- Monday, December 3 2007, 06:41 am


Feel free to use the poem/thanks for your comment
anonymous ( -- Monday, December 3 2007, 06:52 am

mars and venus?

No need to comprehend. Not a gay poem, just talking about women and the way we understand, support and communicate with each other. Thanks so much for your explanation about men. Some men, that is! I also know a few women who shed a tear now and then who play a pretty good game of rugby! You go guys! To each his own!!! :)
anonymous ( -- Monday, February 4 2008, 04:09 am


can i use this poem
laquana williams ( -- Tuesday, February 19 2008, 07:47 pm


I need this poem for sisterhood club.
Anon and Laquana ( -- Tuesday, February 19 2008, 10:20 pm

Go right ahead

Feel free to use my poems whenever u like.
Debbie ( -- Saturday, April 5 2008, 03:26 am

to let my sisters know i appreciate them

Hiya our sisterhood is the result of our men being part of the Outlaws Mc world wide bike club and i would like your permission to send this to those sisters that have helped me through a very difficult 18 months Debbie
New Yorker ( -- Thursday, October 16 2008, 03:13 am

friend or foe

I am going through an issue with a friend. I would like to use this poem
Catyrose ( -- Friday, October 17 2008, 03:32 am

new yorker

feel free to use the poem. Hope it all works out.
ericka ( -- Friday, November 14 2008, 08:14 pm

love it

can i please use this to give it to one of my sorority sisters?
Catyrose ( -- Wednesday, November 19 2008, 08:57 am


Please do!
LaConnie Watts ( -- Sunday, February 8 2009, 01:02 am

Use of poem

I am making cards for my sorority sisterhood month and would like to know if I can possibly use your poem
Catyrose ( -- Sunday, February 8 2009, 09:10 pm

Go right ahead

and use the poem
Kelly Pelletier ( -- Monday, February 9 2009, 05:06 pm

Use of your poem

I'm an advisor of a sorority and would love to post your poem on my bulletin board for the girls!!!!
Catyrose ( -- Tuesday, February 10 2009, 03:33 am

I'd be happy

to have the poem put to good use. I'm flattered.
Rayneisha ( -- Wednesday, May 6 2009, 06:15 pm

Great Poem,

Ive never heard of someone making us ask for permission to use a poem that is on the internet. But I have a project and i need to use this poem may I?
Catyrose ( -- Thursday, May 7 2009, 02:15 am


No problem using the poem, just let me take credit for writing it. Thanks for your compliment.
catyrose ( -- Tuesday, May 12 2009, 12:45 pm


i like you r poem title and i like your poem
Catyrose ( -- Wednesday, May 13 2009, 02:51 am


Kvcmoore ( -- Wednesday, June 10 2009, 01:48 am

Share with my Sistere 2 Sister group

I would like to share your poem with my group!
ukmoore ( -- Sunday, July 19 2009, 01:25 pm


Hi Catyrose! I am requesting permission to use your poem
Catyrose ( -- Monday, July 20 2009, 06:44 am

Moore x 2

Feel free to use the poem :)
Annie ( -- Wednesday, September 2 2009, 04:24 pm

What A Beautiful Definition of Sisterhood

I am putting together a booklet filled with things of inspiration for our women's conference this month and would very much like to use your poem "Sisterhood". The conference is about bringing women of all walks of life together as sisters. We hope to encourage women to stick together rather than cat-fighting all the time. Life is too short and wonderful to waste on fighting with each other.

May God continue the gift in you.
Thank you
Catyrose ( -- Saturday, September 5 2009, 06:43 am

of course

you may use the poem. And I couldn't agree w you more about the need for us to stick together vs. the alternative :)
Thank you for your interest in the poem............
Sally ( -- Monday, September 21 2009, 03:37 am

A Sister

I would like to use your poem. It's Great!
Tiffany ( -- Monday, March 8 2010, 06:48 pm

women's luncheon


I am speaking at a luncheon for the women at my church and would like to read you poem at the end of my message.
Catyrose ( -- Tuesday, March 9 2010, 06:22 am

Please do

Feel free to use the poem. C
T Woodson ( -- Tuesday, May 4 2010, 06:40 pm

May I use with your permission

I I have a group of girls I mentot and I would love for each of them to have a copy of your poem
Catyrose ( -- Thursday, May 6 2010, 03:25 am


feel free to pass it on.
Deanna Hinnant ( -- Tuesday, July 27 2010, 06:44 pm

Love the poems

We are starting a Ya Ya sisterhood group and I ran across some of your poems in searching for the one that will kind of be ours. But not to publish or share, just to have in our group. Do you mind sharing?
catyrose ( -- Thursday, July 29 2010, 05:28 am

please do

Feel free to use them for your group. Thank you for your interest in my poems.
ida Wilson ( -- Tuesday, February 15 2011, 01:45 pm


This is a wonderful poem!
ida Wilson ( -- Tuesday, February 15 2011, 01:48 pm

Permission to Use

I would love to use your poem as an inspiration for my sisterhood group
Meaghan ( -- Thursday, March 31 2011, 03:37 pm


Hi Catyrose!
I'm an advocate for survivors of domestic violence may I please share your poem with a support group?
Sandra ( -- Friday, April 1 2011, 06:08 pm

Permission to use

I would like to include this in the booklet I'm putting together for our Women's Ministries Retreat. Our Theme is based on sisterhood. Thanks.
wANDA ( -- Thursday, December 29 2011, 06:43 pm

Use of your poem

Hi, I have a women's group and I would like to use your beautiful poem.
mgwen ( -- Monday, March 5 2012, 10:19 pm

Can I use this poem?

Can I use this poem?
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