Unshaved & Unemployed
Author: Ben Franklin


It's been a year now
that I have been out of work,
potential employers easily say your not qualified
but dont know that their rejection is bringing me so
much hurt

Curriculum vitiate hand out day,
giving you my life on two A4 pieces of paper,
I am open minded,
I today have applied to be a store manager
and a waiter.

Now,after two weeks
still no phone call,
not even a chance of a interview to prove my worth,
I feel like i've been sent to mars
and I dont exist on this place we call earth.

I will work in a chemist
and serve you your much needed pills,
I will work as tedious store clerk
scaning your items through the till.

Being out of work is making
me feel so so low,
I feel like I'm on the titanic
and I'm slowly sinking,
my days now consist of going sown my local bar
and spending my 84.68 doll money on

Watching alcholics killing themselves
in front of my glare,
I'm joining them in killing my liver
without a care

I'm waking up and going out
with the same clothes I had on
I'm losing the self pride within myself,
maybe if I buy a lottery ticket and win I will be happy
with the wealth...damn! these thoughts are really
damaging my health!

So here I am,
unemployed and unshaved,
someone please phone up to say I'm accepted,
please Mr.employer....I need to be saved!

------- Author's Notes -------

I would like to thank Becky (dreamer) from the bottom of my heart. I stumbled across this site by chance, and I feel it was like a god send. I started posting "poems", though I class them as stories, on here about three years ago. we have had our differences with some of the content in my work, but has always allowed me to express it.

I was out of work when I first started, and this site has helped myself and my work to mature. If I didn't have this site, well, I don't want to think what I would of done!

Thank you Becky, once again from the bottom of my heart.x


Comments on this poem/writing:

Dreamer ( -- Sunday, June 11 2006, 06:36 pm


Thanks Ben. Glad the site was able to be here for you...

I have enjoyed watching your growth as a writer over the last few years.. (Even the touchy subject poems I grit my teeth and post anyway..) ;)
Ben f ( -- Sunday, June 11 2006, 06:39 pm

more teeth gritting!

this site, you will never know becky how much it has helped! get ready to grit some more! lol
Meridian ( -- Monday, June 12 2006, 08:35 pm

Boy, are we in the same boat or what?

Ben! Nice of you to pay tribute to the establisher of this site...none other than the honorable Lady R a.k.a Dreamer herself! Nice poem! But, I truly understand when you mention the word unemployed. Going to an interview just to get turned down, go in for an application just to get the wave of a hand, attempt to submit one online just for the company site to require a whole lot of unnecessary gobbledygook.
Meridian ( -- Monday, June 12 2006, 08:45 pm

me again

I guess with each new year, online applications form corporations or from whomever you're applying for, are making it more and more intricate for you just to fill out the form. You have to make up a username and a password for almost any job you apply if you are registering for subscription regarding weekly ads, savings, and/or specials. Once you reach the assessment test portion of the application, you might as well take a few minutes and prepare a full-course meal or exercise any stiff joints you feel may protest later on. Because by the time you get finished with answering the repetition of 30 out of 50 questions asked, you'll either get hungry or sore.

I feel your pain on this one B!
Great poem once again!
Ben f ( -- Tuesday, June 13 2006, 08:28 pm

oh yeah...

its painful! I go past the job centre I used have to go to about twice a week and thank god im still not there,it does get tuff,but you gota stay focused.

thanks for reading nut meg
Marilyn A F Longfellow ( -- Wednesday, June 28 2006, 03:48 pm

My Boyfriend Exactely!!!

He has been like this for 8 months! We fight all the time now. We aren't gonna make it. My family is having fits! He has until Aug.1st. Maybe he can start writing on here and find inspiration. Let's hope
Ben ( -- Wednesday, June 28 2006, 09:01 pm


I hope he does find a job,bit harsh to give somone a date to get one by, but I Dont know the situation i.e does he get up and look for one or not? thanks for the comment.
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