Author: Barbara Goodhew


To sense that someone is insincere,
Is a way of protecting us from harm.

Some of us believe what's being said,
only to find out it's being said to other maids.

Words like from a script,are being used,
To believe them,and finding out they are
"insincere" makes you feel abused.


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Capricorn ( -- Friday, June 16 2006, 08:16 am

So True

True Barb ~ somone's insincerity can cause people so much hurt that they do feel abused. There are all kinds of abuse, not just the obvious. Good write.
barb ( -- Friday, June 16 2006, 02:37 pm

thanks cap

Yea I fell for all the compliments and support once . only to find out he was seeing somebody else too and telling the same nice things he was telling me.
Terrie* ( -- Sunday, June 18 2006, 08:53 pm

someone that will stoop so low ....

just to feed their "Ego" has no Heart or Soul...a Demon in disguise.... Hi Barb, i love your heart, your words are always so sweet and soo you, i caint imagine someone bein' untrue and insincere to you, you are one of the most sweetest ladies i know of.... the world Loves a true heart like keep us pure in thought and actions..thank you for sharin' your knowledge , these words may help someone open their eyes...and not be used/abused.
barb ( -- Sunday, June 18 2006, 11:38 pm

hope this helps

Thanks for the comment. I hope people realize to listen to their doubts.
Terrie* ( -- Monday, June 19 2006, 12:13 am

your words will grab a hold of some one..

Barb, your words serve as a steppin' stone to a naive heart, Gods truth controls us. bein' insincere, so much like lyin' damages a soul, separates us altogether from God, such deception , allows those seekin' self pleasure to align with the spirit of lies , like givin' the devil a piece of your heart. don't ya agree? such a high wage to pay .'hidin' but they will be found".
barb ( -- Monday, June 19 2006, 01:44 am


Their are always people watching and waiting for someone who is vulnerable because of what we go through. and if we listen to our instincts that is God telling us beware. I learned the hard way .no one told me. So I am letting people know if you know something isn't right, that's god warning you LISTEN and PROTECT yourself from pain. Thanks Terrie you understand what I'm trying to say, don't you?
Terrie* ( -- Monday, June 19 2006, 02:57 pm

God ,sources to protect the meek comes from you...

someone too vulnerable believes the thief of a heart, thats when friends step in , not allowin' friends become prey,for another day. they share what needs to be said. if they were the last to know .it would paralyze their heart so much more. sweetie, keep sharin' the wisdom and knowledge that your soul speaks.
Terrie* ( -- Monday, June 19 2006, 06:21 pm

sometimes we have to stand up ...

and protect our friends from , those that think that they are Gods gift to whom ever they prey upon..Heaven and everythin' that is Holy, knows.. if i or a friend knew somethin', more than anything i'd tell them and most of all i'd want to save them/me from wastin' life/time in a relationship,that has no future. one thing i caint stand is a "Lie" big or small, they are my Biggest enemy in my life..i trust you, if you knew somethin' you'd tell me right? : ) i'd want to know....
barb ( -- Monday, June 19 2006, 06:34 pm

I don't know anything

My thoughts and instinct is all I know for sure and I listen to them ,now.It may seem cold to some but its my protection, against vultures. Only ones who have given me time to trust them earns my trust to open up. Just because I get compiments or nice things said if I haven't had time to know if it is sincere, then I leave I hate being pressured to do anything,you too ?
barb ( -- Tuesday, June 20 2006, 02:09 pm

my opinion

All I can say is like that old saying watch out for wolves in sheeps clothing check things out.
Terrie* ( -- Saturday, June 24 2006, 11:04 pm

Barb, Your Opinions "ALWAYS " matter ..

aye' Doll, your message is clear.
your opinions are always helpful to the clueless..whom go on bein' abused blindly, thank you ! don't stop sharin' the ABUSER needs to be matter whom he/she claim or promise ..when a Heart is at risk.
barb ( -- Sunday, June 25 2006, 02:23 pm

thanks terrie

My opinions get me in trouble. When what I think
might help. and others see it as interfeering.I'm glad you see me as trying to help others not preach.
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