What Was This Madness
Author: Phonicpodd


What was this madness, Who were we, were we really ever even here in this giant monsterous hole in time? Did we exist outside eachothers madness. Who were these people, former friends of a past life maybe? Funny, none of them look anything like I remember. Did we meet in a prior story. On a battlefield somewhere perhaps? Look at us, were lost, like a colony of ants marching around discovering new holes to hide in. Once in a great while we pretend to hear eachothers thoughts, as if to reach out and throw them over our shoulders and carry eachothers burdens. Can you see, they scurry around in the wee hours of the morning just hoping to grasp the meaning of life, hoping to stumble onto some kind of mystery that they could call their own. But what was this mistery, who discovered it, where did it come from, how did it get here, in my lap? Did we make it up ourselves, did we dream up this horrible mass of confusion? Did it did it come across the sea from some forign country on a ship as a stowaway. Why was it here, and what is it trying to tell us, what did it want? We chase it not knowing the longterm consiquences, like a pack of wild dogs running in a fog covered field in desperation to catch the white rabbit. Did we ever even stand a chance? Somehow I just don't think we did. On the other hand, maybe we knew it all along. The friends we lost, the hearts that broke us, all the nights struggling to survive this feeling of desperation to breath. We did didn't we? We lived. We lived so fast and so hard nothing could stop us. Like a freight train at midnight rolling through the fireplace of our minds, The fires always burning but still, were always cold. So what are the results of such a time of madness and confusion. How will we be punished? Was the rabbit not enough to ease our minds, just the oppisite, the confusion was more that we as tiny fractures in the earths surface could bare. We slipped away as the anwswers paddled by. So where do we go now? Do we pick up and start over, Do we try again, Is there even a chance of survival now that we have opened the realm of awareness between good and evil? Only time will tell I guess. In the mean time, Look to the fields, and there you will see the white rabbit, and behind, the pack of wild dogs struggling to take hold to win their place on the battlefield.


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