Politically Incorrect
Author: Justus Isaiah Richardson


Iím a heterosexual,
Conservative white male.
I believe in God, and Jesus;
Faith some seek to derail.

Iím the one on the other end
Of the finger pointing.
Iím politically incorrect,
My ways are disappointing.

Iím the villain in the stories,
Which others like to tell.
The slave owner, and homophobe,
Damning pagans to hell.

Rather, thatís how Iíve been painted,
A chauvinistic brute;
A bigot if I disagree,
With views I might dispute.

Employers lose the resumes,
Of some white applicants.
Unless theyíre homosexual,
Or foreign immigrants.

Called reverse discrimination,
It happens all the time,
Thereís no one fighting for my rights,
For that would be a crime.

If I fought for my opinions,
Or stood up for my rights,
Iíd be accused by other groups,
Of instigating fights.

Iím expected to just take it,
To be seen, but not heard.
Watch my rights, and faith disappear,
Without a single word.

To pose no opposition when
Godís name becomes a crime.
For there are those who take offense
At something so sublime.

But whenever Iím offended,
By what others believe,
Iím told to keep it to myself,
Such thoughts make me naÔve.

They say I donít know poverty,
Or discrimination.
How could I ever understand,
Racial segregation?

But who has spent a single day
Contending with my muse?
Have any looked out of my eyes,
Or walked in my own shoes.

Do others know the life Iíve lived;
What obstacles Iíve faced?
Or what I think of your beliefs,
Your gender, or your race?

Can you discern my politics,
The issues I support?
Can you accept my right to choose,
And not offer retort?

Did you know that I nearly died
Before I turned to God?
What darkness does my past reveal?
What byways have I trod?

Why do those who do not know me,
Always assume so much?
Why is it, when I disagree,
They think IíM out of touch?

Every story needs a villain,
This time, I guess itís me.
For Iíve expressed an opinion,
With which you disagree.

Iím politically incorrect,
The latest casualty.
But I will not face in silence,
Such blatant bigotry.

You say you fight for human rights,
But just fight for your own.
And those who dare get in your way,
Will soon be overthrown.

Equality cannot be found,
If any are oppressed.
What good is it to have a choice
If others are repressed.

And if injustice is your way,
Then something is amiss.
What turned your cause into a war,
Was your own prejudice.


Comments on this poem/writing:

Russ ( -- Friday, August 31 2007, 09:47 pm

Absolutely incredible

This is absolutely incredible! Somebody really needed to say this, and you said it so well! Great work!
Meri ( -- Thursday, August 4 2011, 06:12 pm

I second that

Powerful Justus. When are you coming back to write more?
c mccollum ( -- Monday, November 28 2011, 06:15 pm

may i borrow this

a piece a paragraph
i will not claim it as my own
carebear979 @ g
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