State Of The Union
Author: Miztrebor


Quick they are
All day long
Bustling along
Do they have a place to go
Or do they not know
Running around aimlessly
No direction guiding their movements
Only one united feeling
Only one united thought
Let them control you
Let them become you
Take your entire mind
Control your every thought
Go kill that man,
He killed my dad
Go kill that man,
He doesnít believe in My god
Go fight for me
Or leave my country
My inherent empire
This proud dictatorship of democracy
Fight for me or you shall fall
My iron fist will rule all
United under this flag for which they fought
Not me, but the ones before
Fore score and more
This flag meant a lot
When we fought for our lot
Our little colonial villages
We took from the natives
For buttons and dimes
We tricked them for the city
Which i once proudly called my home
Now that i left, the truth became clear
Was stole this country
Thatís who we got here
Do you really believe that:
ďAll MEN are created equal!Ē
ďOne nation under GOD!Ē
Freedom of religion
So why do you preach?
Your church is separate from the state
But the wall you built between wasnít good
You built it of paper
Even the weak can tear it down
All is fine in the times of peace
But when war comes
We battle among ourselves
A nation divided
Between the Red, and the Blue
The white doesnít matter
Thatís on good thing
God strives on this battling
Out leaders fight for power
God becomes a weapon
Who can say it most in his speech
Who can make someone believe
If you really think hard enough
Youíll overlook the answer
Itís right there, in front of your eyes
Any Rich White Male
Any Man who has the decorum to lie
You can do it!
Wait youíre not a man
You can do it, i believe in you!
Sorry youíre not white enough
Hereís some paint
It thatís not enough hereís some bleach
Everybodyís doing it
Becoming blond
Naturally isnít the issue
Hitler dies, but still lives on
Subliminal verses from his speeches
Float through the air
The words are in the wind
ďA perfect raceĒÖ
Can blonde hair fix the problem
Can blue eyes do the trick
If you donít have them
I guess you canít join our club
Now what do i do
Iím not a popular kid
Never was, and never will be
Can you help me:
See more clearly
Find the real me
Am i inside
Why do i hide
Iím building up a tide
I canít contain my feelings
The anger canít stay controlled
My veins burst with fire
As the embers are burning white
Releasing my demons
From within
The only way is to find a friend
Any one to hear my plea
To set this longing in my heart free
Come kill with me
Letís bring on peace
Letís unite them again
The ones who fought for their country
They are the only men
Letís end this tonight
Find ourselves
And help them find their own selves
Only in death it seems is peace
To you up their in the big white building
Do you have a better solution
It you donít
Keep doing what youíre doing
Youíre making the reaper busy
I donít think he minds
More souls are coming all the time
His hunger growing stronger
It wonít be long
Soon everything will be pulled under


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