Does Anyone Ever Say Thank You
Author: Shiloh


Been putting stuff on here for a while,
nearly eight years, looks like,
and always just sorta took it for granted
that this place was here for me,
and I never gave it a second thought...
but I should have.
It takes time and a lot of work
to manage this place,
to make it work and look nice,
and to put up with folks like me, anyway.
Hours that could have been spent elsewhere,
taking care of things more personal,
like family or friends,
or just some time alone to unwind and relax,
always seem to be taken up by the dozens
of little things that are necessary to the smooth operation
of a site like this.
Every one of us, and while I haven't counted the names,
I'll guess that we number in the hundreds,
sit here at our keyboards and make up lines and stanzas,
then we submit them, and we wait,
sometimes impatiently,
to see them posted where we, and others, can read them.
That's what the site is all about, after all, right?
Well, maybe... I don't really know why anyone
would want to go through all the stuff that Becky goes through
to run and maintain this place,
but I'm awfully glad that she does,
and I have to say that I appreciate that her family gives her the time
she needs to do it.
But I have to wonder, sometimes...
does anyone ever say, "Thank you, Becky"?
Because what you do here
is so very important to all of us.
So very important.
But you know that, or you wouldn't do it.

Thank you.


Comments on this poem/writing:

Dreamer ( -- Saturday, November 10 2007, 03:19 am

Your Welcome

Shiloh.. It's just one of those things in life that a person feels impassioned to do. And it just feels right.

Thank-you for the 'thoughtful' poem. I cannot accept all the credit. Daniel, my script writer & friend, has also put in many hours of work in here behind the scenes. He makes my visions for the site work no matter how hard headed about things I get. (and he's not even a poet)

I am honored to be able to share all of the thoughts of so many gifted people, that otherwise may have never been heard. Every word here is a time-capsule of humanity. Showing no matter where we are in the world, no matter what age we are, or from what walk of life we are from, we are all, underneath, brothers, sisters and friends.

This site is as much a gift to me as it is to all of you.. It's a wonderful place that we have all created.

I humbly return "thank-you"
Meridian ( -- Sunday, November 11 2007, 02:00 am

I agree

Hey Shiloh and Dreamer! I wonder how you do it Dreamer. I guess you stay online to post our submissions. That's a job. And only a web designer knows.

Thanks again Dreamer for every single post!
Terrie* ( -- Sunday, November 11 2007, 04:48 pm


i agree, Dreamer goes beyond all measures to make us all happy and comfortable, i for one understand recently she has made the extra effort just for me to remove some posts that i wish removed permanently. no matter how time consumin' it was she found the time with great effort--we write of our pain and our joy and everything in's nice to read something of unconditional friendship--

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