The Driving Blade
Author: Dino Hi


The high desert winds, blowing chills through your armor war clothes
Standing in silence, ready for battle, in line with hundreds when the gun blows
Your heart is pumping fast, your iron horse ready to go
The gun fires, a mad rush, we jump on iron horses, fly through sage brush rows
The spectators are screaming and yelling, cameras are flashing
They are in awe, through the dust, hundreds are passing
Your enemy is not that person, but the natural terrain
Steep cliffs, rivers, brush, and rocks, that will bash your brains
Already you see victims on the ground, their speed had slapped them with pain
Their mistakes are costly, this is a game, breaking bones nothing to gain
Think smart, be patient, a wrong move, could be your death
Battling back and forth with your son, WaHoooo! Staying on the same path
To cross the finish line a finisher, your game was well played
Again escaping death, but living life, testosterone is responsible, the driving blade

"The Desert 100"


Comments on this poem/writing:

Red Dragon ( -- Wednesday, April 30 2003, 11:07 am


Nice use of terms Dino...I mean you had your point put in fine print that one can trully decipher the purpose of this writing...You vary in style but altogether you write great...Share some more bro....I like to say that this poem is "Powerful"!
Red Dragon ( -- Wednesday, April 30 2003, 11:07 am


Nice use of terms Dino...I mean you had your point put in fine print that one can trully decipher the purpose of this writing...You vary in style but altogether you write great...Share some more bro....I like to say that this poem is "Powerful"!
Roy ( -- Thursday, May 1 2003, 11:53 am

Very discriptive

I really like the rough and tumble I got out of it. I missed out what is about, it went way over my empty head. That's about being in a armored tank,maybe 4 wheeling. PLease explain
Dino Hi.5-0 ( -- Friday, May 2 2003, 01:26 am

Hey thanks guys RD & Roy

I didn't expect to get a comment on this because most people can't relate to this. It's about a once a year desert race "The Famous Desert 100," rank 3rd in the nation for best desert race. It's a time when father and son come together, once a year and have a good ride together and beat the hell out of our selves. The only time we are together and with friends. So this is a very special time. We put on our war clothes, hop on our iron horses(dirt bikes) and have a blast, with hundreds of competitors. Hope that clears it for you Roy. Glad you like the rough and tumble. Your welcome to join us next year. Just bring guts and no brains and hope you don't bash your brains. There is an ambulance and a helicopter to take you to the hospital, if you get hurt. The hospital made lots of money this year. Thanks for reading. "Catch the geezer!"
Roy ( -- Friday, May 2 2003, 01:55 am

kool Dino

I figured that! and I heard about that race some how?
Kool Dino---I had much fun on my dirt bike with friends in the mountain of Alaska---Heck they got me brave and I wiped out manytimes but trust my word that came back on them! You are fortunite my ---me and dad just cruized on his horse ranch driving tractors around the property line to fix the fences--well use to to he died 2 years ago--heck even at that we had lotsa fun
Capricorn ( -- Saturday, May 3 2003, 12:20 am

no title

Glad you gave an explanation there,Dino, I understand it better now. Very descriptive writing! I enjoyed the read.
Dino ( -- Saturday, May 3 2003, 01:39 am

Thanks Cap!

Glad you enjoyed the read. It's funny how a poem can be looked at in different ways. An amor tank? Four wheeling? Maybe a horse that's dress in iron? I never thought of it that way? Nice to share poems and thanks for taking the time to comment.
Roy ( -- Saturday, May 3 2003, 03:29 am

Yeah Dino

I'm old and in my day a iron horse was an armored tank, to day four wheeling is as simple as just going to the store on my tractor--well great for this yo yo to understand about you and that race--sound like a lotta fun---I must ask if you set him down?
Dino ( -- Sunday, May 4 2003, 06:00 am

Yeah Roy!

Yeah Roy! The old man is still ahead by four minutes. He got close this year, untill he drown his bike in the deep river crossing, along with fifty others. I blew a front flat 20 miles from the end, but still manage to beat him. He said"I almost got the old man this year!" Well maybe when you turn 30 next year son. Ha,ha,ha! It's been 5 years! I'm still waiting. He doesn't know it, but I'm getting a new bigger weapon next year. I need more gun powder under my seat. KX250 double barrel 4stroke 04. POW!POW!POW!
Roy ( -- Sunday, May 4 2003, 06:55 am


yA GONNA BLOW EM OUT YOU SAY--KOOOOL AND WHAT FUN! IS THAT--DUMB ? oil injection? I do not trust it! Heck, my Susuki it will out run a few yamas and honda I can eat for breakfast--4stoke yea ho! away we go in the turn of slinging mud with hands on the grip what a trip round the creek maybe sailing over it as we fly reving up you slung mud in my face and laughed until you wiped-out round the bend and here I came for an win
I did have a 250 yama--injectors sucked on the pull to kick ass (it stalled out) and I was clown for entertainment with nothing but deserving laugh---he he the bike just didn't go--haaaaaaaa
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