Kid So Poor
Author: Dino Hi


The little boy goes to school
To educate and play by the rule
His family very poor, living in small trailor
On someone's farm, later they'll pay her
His clothes are worn, sometimes too big
Pants got holes, hand-me-downs from some kid
His shoes are smiling, toes starting to show
Put some cardboard, rocks hurting the toe
Brown bag lunch, tomato sandwich, time to eat
Kids laugh at you, Hey! Where's the meat?
Wearing handmade shirts, material like pajamas, baseball hat
No designer stuff, never heard of that?
Trailor so small, with out-house in back
Running barefoot, toes got cracks
Your just a kid, play is all you know
Hide and seek, watch the bubbles blow
You don't know the meaning of poor?
Let's go for a swim, dive in reservoir
Ahh, those were the days, a kid with no worries
So what if he's poor, a part of his story


Comments on this poem/writing:

LinzAy ( -- Monday, March 31 2003, 09:58 am


I like this!! a lot!
Red Dragon ( -- Monday, March 31 2003, 11:46 am


It touched my umhmm...heart...(sigh) cause I am that kid (sobs)...Nice....
LinzAy ( -- Monday, March 31 2003, 11:48 pm


Dino ( -- Tuesday, April 1 2003, 05:33 am

Hey! Thanks!

I appriciate your nice comments LinzAy & Red Dragon. I didn't realize this one touch so deep Red Dragon. Nice to know your coming from the Philippines. Cebu or Layte? Salamat(thanks) for relating to this poem. Aloha!
Red Dragon ( -- Tuesday, April 1 2003, 05:38 am


LinZay... Hanky please?hehehe....

Dino... Neither Cebu nor Leyte...I'm in Manila right now but my home province is Pampanga...ever been here?
Dino ( -- Tuesday, April 1 2003, 06:17 am


Wow! Quick response. Must be early morning there? No, never been there. Reason I asked, both my grandparents(Visians) came from there and left in the turn of the century, to pick pineapple in Hawaii. Must be like Hawaii there, with all them islands, blue ocean and white sand beaches and lots of co-conut trees. OK den, see you bum-by!
Red Dragon ( -- Tuesday, April 1 2003, 06:42 am


Oic. Hawaii, they say, is preety much like the P.I. with its culture, wheather and some other stuff. Yes, the Visyan islands abound with nice beaches and coco trees...okidoks....
Martin Vann ( -- Tuesday, April 1 2003, 09:56 pm

Love the poem, plan to write one for you Islanders

Dino;...., & El Roho Dragon:

My parents well, they went the D-Way. Lived with my dad for a few years on an old farm. Dad had remarried and had five kids, life was hard but good, I think both of you know what I mean.

Dino, your poem, a chapter out of my life.

Martin Vann ( -- Tuesday, April 1 2003, 11:36 pm

I reply with a poem, inspired by Dino's "Kid So Poor."

Dino & Red Dragon;

It didn't take long for me to write my Island Song. Both of you, just conversing with each other, you shouldn't speak that way, such truth, based upon a new friendship, before my very eyes. LinzAy, any hankies left?

Oh, by the way, my tribute to you two islanders is entitled, "Our Island Home," someday, I hope, I meet her, then, I will can take her there. Dino & R.D. you created this poem, aren't you ashamed, forcing my heart to take aim at, where you both, are at home?

Capricorn ( -- Wednesday, April 2 2003, 12:03 am

Hi Dino

This is yet another of your poems that I love! I live in UK but there are certain aspects of this I can relate to. Being more mature lady (hehe!) life was so different when I was young...none of the luxuries of todays norm....yet we were happy with simple things.
A hand-me down dress from my cousin gave me a thrill and a brown bag of food to take out for a picnic was a treat. What has happened to life that people are so greedy now.

Food for thought again Dino!
Martin Vann ( -- Wednesday, April 2 2003, 12:47 am

Dino, I have spoken ref your poem, this is 4 lady Capricorn.

No doubt, Dino will receive your comments with ratitude and I also, was impressed with his words.
So, away from Dino, and now, my serpent's eye, hidden behind a lizard's skin,(no, not a lounge lizard, for pets (peats) sake!,} now I focus upon you. You describe yourself as my perfect victim, mature, been around, know snakes and yes, you know lizards! Damn, I'm scarying myself, all I wanted to say was Cap, your are a great writer, and we all know, you are a lady! As far as what has happened to life, well, we have you, Cap, and all your love and we thank you!

Am I correct Dino? sorry to turn the tables on you, this is your poem, but I love this lady, so, hey, there it is! I don't intend to speak for you Dino, I know, you can speak for yourself.

Dino ( -- Wednesday, April 2 2003, 01:09 am

WoW! and thanks again

You speak for all of us Martin. Your the best. Your comments are like poems. Thanks Cap. Sharing food for thought. Awesome.
Red Dragon ( -- Wednesday, April 2 2003, 05:28 am


Martin, may your love for this island belle be triumphant and happy.

I guess, rough times maketh a man of sheen and valor...
As I always say, Martin V., your style never ceases to amuse me. are the pineapples there?
LinzAy ( -- Wednesday, April 2 2003, 07:12 am


I'm here now!! I just had to run to the store and get some extras...used 'em all up on myself reading all these wonderful poems by all these wonderful poets!

So here R.D. and Martin......hankies!


Love it when a poem or comments inspire poetry....true poets visit this site!!
Dino ( -- Wednesday, April 2 2003, 07:17 am

The best!

If you ever had pineapple right off the plant, you can never eat one out of a can. Slice the sides with a machete and eat it like a ice cream cone, holding on to the leaves. So yellow, juicy and sweet. Broke your mouth Brah! Like sweet corn right from the fields, for you mainland folks. So ono(delicious)but must not eat too much. The acid will rot your teeth, but who cares. Fields of plenty, when we ride around with our dirtbikes along with gauva's, passion fruits, cherry vi-vee guava's and mountain apples. No snakes Cap! Whew!
ylva ( -- Friday, October 7 2005, 06:42 am

hi dino

...can i borrow your piece....its good....highly recommended
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