Author: Shiloh


if you let it happen,
you can find a gift
that you didn't know was there,
that you weren't aware of,
but was meant for you, alone...
that you were supposed to find.

when you least expect something to happen,
like the sun coming out from behind storm clouds after a hard rain,
the gift is suddenly there, waiting for you,
and if you let it happen, it will be yours,
and you can learn to enjoy it, appreciate it,
and you will be all the better for it...

in this crazy, hurried, mixed-up world we live in,
with all the things that we have tied up in our minds,
sometimes it isn't easy to see what is just in front of us,
even if we stumble over it, bump into it,
or have it as a part of our daily lives,
because we aren't looking...

sometimes you have to step back a little,
relax a little, drop your guard,
let your mind mellow out, if you will,
and breathe in the world around you,
take it in, a bit at a time,
and see what is really there for you...

lately I have found a very special thing,
one that I treasure very much,
because I never knew it existed for me,
and I never gave such a thing a second thought,
but I've learned that nothing is impossible,
and even strangers can become friends...

never met them,
likely won't meet them,
in person... it's too far away now...
but they aren't strangers any more
and they are just as special to me
as if they were just across the street,
where I could bum a cup of coffee
and sit around and shoot the breeze
and just be comfortable with them.

it's a good feeling,
and I am enjoying that feeling
because it's not one that I've been used to very much,
and I am finding out that the word Friend
has many different depths,
and is built of a lot of things
that I never really thought about,
but am learning to understand and appreciate
a little more each day.

I am, for the most part,
a recluse, if you will -
I don't go out much, don't socialize,
don't have buddies I hang out with,
and I was quite content to be like that...
then I met a couple of people from Ohio,
got to know them a bit,
discovered a mutual interest in collecting,
and that led to conversations
and that led to a friendship...
which is totally against the way I grew up...

how in the world to you develop a friendship
with a computer!?!?
heck of a thing.
especially for a guy who grew up in the 50s and 60s...
before transistor radios,
before color television,
before any space exploration,
back when the only way to meet someone was face to face...
and now, through all the marvels of science and electronics to date,
I have found a couple folks who share my interest in my hobby,
and I've been fortunate enough to become a friend,
and to gain a couple friends.

it's a nice feeling.
it's amazing, to me, when I stop and think about it,
but it's still a nice feeling,
and I appreciate it.


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Terrye* ( -- Friday, April 4 2008, 09:52 am

You're a treasured Blessin' to your Friends---

Friendship is the Best Gift one can Give/Receive--
Your words back it up 100%---
This is truly--- a nice read--
Thank You for sharin'--
Name:                                           Remember Me

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