A Hidden Valley
Author: Dino Hi


Have you ever stood at the edge of a cliff, and looked out into a vast amount of hidden valleys? What's out there, in them deep jungles of the Islands? I don't know? No one likes to go venturing out there. Curiosity, adventure, discovery, and danger, excites someone like me. The jungle calls out to me, "Come into my vast darkness, and I will show you things, that man hasn't seen in centuries."

It takes courage to enter these deep valleys by yourself, or maybe it's just plain stupid? What ever it is, the dark valleys has got a hold on me.

Armed with only a machete, and a canteen of water, I enter. I'll choose this one, it's very deep. Suddenly the sunlight is gone, your now, in the thick jungle. Tangle ferns everywhere, like rolls of unwound tie-wire, ten feet high, must cut a tunnel through it. Once on the bottom, I'm surrounded by thick two inch vie-vee trees, and can hardly squeeze between them. Standing twenty feet tall, with small red cherry like fruits, also called cherry guava's, not like the big yellow ones, the size of lemons, and these are very delicious. But be careful, don't eat too much, you'll get what we call "stuck-shit," to say it bluntly. What a place! So very dense, and beautiful, yet mystical. I feel so small here.

Traveling along the bottom, following a stream, look at those taro plants! Eight feet high, and leaves as big a elephants ears, and those golden, green strip bamboo, seventy five feet tall, with stalks as big as my upper arms. Pools of water up and down this valley, and gaint banyan trees, with roots hanging down, along it's big branches going horizontally, like ropes in a Tarzan movie. Wow! Totally amazing! It's as if time stood still here.

I find myself walking on these ancient stone walls, and "heiau's," a ceremonial sacrifice areas, made by the old Hawaiians, centuries ago. I must not disturb the rocks, this is sacred ground, and it is taboo, to move any of the rocks, because I was tolded a super natural force, could cause you immediate harm.

Looking all around, I see an abundance of fruits, bananas, mountain apples, yellow and purple passion fruits hanging on vines, guava's, and rose apples that actually taste like roses. Legend is, the cannibals of Helemano, once lived here. I wonder if any of them ar still around? Oh well, I won't let my mind scare me. I'll just take all my clothes off, and go for a nice swim, in this warm pool, nobody's around to see me.

As I cut my way down this valley, following what looks like to be a trail, but all overgrown, even have to crawl on my hands and knees, in places. I cut my way down the side of this ledge, and finally to a pool of water. I'll stop here to rest, and sit on this boulder. Gosh! It's so quiet and peaceful in here, not a soul around for miles, but all of a sudden, I got this feeling as if someone or something, was staring at me? I turned around, CHILLS! The hair on my back, was standing up, I stood up and drew my machete and held it in front of me. There in the trail I just made, a big hairy face staring at me, with two huge teeth coming out of it's mouth. Looks to be about three hundred pounds, a big, black, ugly, razorback bore! I was standing on his trail, that has been used for hundreds of years, as we stared at each other for a very long time. I wasn't going to move, or show fear. He made a noise finally, a grunt, and started to walk on the side of this ravine, about thirty feet away, slowly moving, and watching me, as I still held on to my machete, with two hands, watching his every move. I don't think I will win, if he decides to charge me, with those two, razor knife like tusks, on the side of his mouth. He sense no danger from me, we showed respect, I th
ink he's avoiding a confrontation with me, he doesn't want to get hurt, and neither do I. He walks on slowly, and finally disappear.

It was getting late,I finally had enough, it was time for me to go home now, as I made my way back out of this valley. Reaching the valley's edge, I turned around, and looked back at the vast amount of valleys. I only saw one small part of it. "What an adventure, to satisfy my curiosity, to see it's beauty, and to feel it's danger." Like a big Jurassic Park, with it's own monsters. I'll sit here, and watch the orange sunset, disappear behind the deep blue ocean.

Warning- If you enter these valleys, use common sense. Have a buddy, cell phone, let people know, and stay out of pakalolo(marijuana) growing valleys. You will disappear for sure. Aloha!


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anarosagarcia ( -- Thursday, April 10 2003, 04:21 pm

good title

this poem is really interesting and enjoing
Hector Gabriel Rosa ( -- Thursday, April 10 2003, 04:24 pm

exellent title

This poem is really interesting and it is a nice poem to read.
Anarosa Garcia ( -- Thursday, April 10 2003, 04:27 pm

Good Title

.This Poem Is very interesting
SHANENE ( -- Thursday, October 19 2006, 11:06 pm


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