Author: Shiloh


Your house was bought by the daughter
of the woman you thought was your best friend,
and she and her boyfriend
saved over half a hundred thousand dollars
when they "got a deal" and paid
forty-two thousand dollars for your home,
because you trusted your "best friend."
The furniture and everything inside was your history,
and the history of others as well,
along with all the little things
that once made that house a home --
pictures, paintings, collections of things,
photographs, antiques, books, as well as
all the old costume and real jewelery --
and there was some serious value there --
that had been part of our family
for four or more generations...
Old report cards, photograph albums,
favorite records, even the old cookbook
that once graced the kitchen counter top...
my old toys that were lovingly kept,
along with so much more that was part of my life...
The furniture stayed with the house,
and what couldn't be sold was discarded.
The memories... the memories...
they are lost forever, and it hurts.
Everything, all of it, gone now...
because you trusted your "best friend,"
giving her power of attorney,
and she took "good care" of everything...
Now there is nothing to show
that you were ever here,
or to remember you by,
except your name on the other side
of your mother's headstone,
and your "best friend" doesn't even visit your grave.
But you never knew, suffering from dementia,
and by the time it all happened
you were so far gone that it didn't matter to you,
and since you were dying, and you couldn't use it any more,
and if she worked quickly enough -- and she did --
then she would come out the winner,
and take away all of what there once was to show for your life,
and the memories of those who had also called that place home,
...and there is no way now to do anything about it at all.
I just wish that you hadn't been so damned trusting
of the thief that convinced you she was your "best friend."
Isn't it funny,
how greed can show the truth of friendship?
Why is it, that I'm not laughing...?


Comments on this poem/writing:

Terrye* ( -- Thursday, June 12 2008, 04:49 am

many Like Frances in the world---that TRUST!

and double of so called phony "BEST FRIENDS" whom manipulate and target the elderly!
one thing that erks me is a person or persons whom do a bad deed..Karma is ahh...well i'm too much of a lady to say, but you get my drift..
Shiloh, this is a sad and delicate read..i feel for you if you and your family went through it..this is ELDER does exist, in this greedy society..there are people whom are on the prey for innocent victims, these predators LOOK out and TAKE CARE of only themselves.."trust no one completely" sad that this happened before anything could be done -
your read will serve as a form of those whom may be going through a similar ordeal...through this read they can push to prevent..
shiloh ( -- Thursday, June 12 2008, 02:17 pm

that's it, exactly!

Not only amy i trying to work myself through the anger and hurt of the experience by writing about it (no, i do not feel any better, but i thought i might), but i am also hoping to educate others on the possibility of something like this happening to them or someone in their family - this was so wrong, and by the time i found out about it, it was all over - i learned of it too late to do anything,- she was conned by her "best friend." The rest of the family lost out on all the memories. It hurts.
Terrye* ( -- Friday, June 13 2008, 01:32 pm

I am so sorry...on your Loss...

i understand and know that it hurts...Our elderly deserve a great measure of Respect, not con artists whom worm their way into and destroyin' many innocent trustin' life's. please accept my deepest and most sincerest heartfelt condolences on your Loss's ~ nothin' can replace Family & Memories..
With Good measure your words will serve as an example and Educate others to prevent this happenin' to them...Have a Blessed Weekend...
Bipedalguy ( -- Monday, July 7 2008, 06:31 pm

It happens a lot.

Great account of selfish abuse of rights of elders who, in their time, wouldn't have been cheated, because chances are, they were sharper then their abusers are now.
My family has a long history in S.E. Mass. (From 1635) One of the relatives was something of a historian who gave a lot of talks to the historical community, and was always asking for family documents and relics to use for her presentations. Nothing came back. She kept, all of the family memoribilia. I wish I could see my Great Grandfather's work. He was a sea captain, a poet, and a 49er. (Sailed the horn to Calif. and back) in the gold rush.)
My Aunt said he kept a good diary. The "historian" got all of it. I wish I could see his work. It's never going to happen.
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