Author: Don Fraser


We have been standing guard in this universe for a hundred years now, There has been many times that planets in this galaxy get out of line. They seem to want to command another planet, but a league of the universe stands guard and won't let them. We are contrived of beings that come from all over the universe. There is myself from Mars, Pook from Mercury. Klop from Jupiter, Glish from Venus, and many others on the crew of this good ship Niad. Myself I am James from Earth, I am the commander of this ship, I as appointed to my position by the league of the universe.

There never had been a disagreement as long as I have been the commander, everyone knew their job and they did it. At first we had a language barrier, but with perseverance we over came it, everyone learned the language of Earth. It makes it so much easier when we can converse.

When we were being attacked by a war ship from another universe, they had invaded our territory, I had no choice but to fire the ships light guns at them, the light ray's hit them in the middle of their war ship,
And blew them out of the universe, never to be seen again.

We are in a black hole sound the alarm; the ship shutters and bucks through space going millions of yeons per unit. I have problems keeping it under control. If I don't get us out of this darkness, we will be swallowed up by time. The rocket steering is malfunctioning, I have to steer the ship manually, how could such a thing happen? Gloop was on guard. He was to beware of this sort of thing.

After a while I was able to get the ship out of the black hole and back on course. The emergency crew fixed the steering rocket mechanism. And I was able to start my investigation of the near tragedy.

It seems that the security division of the universe alliance let something slip by them. I found out that Glish was a woman, and Pook was a hot blooded man from Mars and the two of them were having a secret affair, they were in each others tentacles when we went into the black hole.

When we stopped for more fuel for our duties. I had Pook and Glish removed from the ship, I think they were sent to their home planet, bearing much disgrace. The ship and I had two replacements for them assigned to me. Their names were Goesh from Saturn and Arthur from earth. At last I had someone from my planet.

It didn't take long for Arthur and I to become friends. Goesh learned to speak the language of the ship quickly. The rest of the crew became jealous of Arthur and my friendship. I tied to explain to them that we were the only two on board that were from the same planet, but they wouldn’t listen. They seemed to hate Arthur.

Arthur was the target of sabotage. While he was on duty as the guard, someone had dismantled the rocket steering mechanism, but Arthur kept the ship under control until it was fixed. There were incidences of him finding pills of food in his bed. His bed was wet many times as he laid down on it. But he would never complain to me about these things, he just went along with his duty's. He became the best crewman I had.

We had become close friends as we traveled through space. And then one day, Arthur told me he was in love with me. I told him I loved him too. Our actions from then on were obvious to the crew. Arthur and I were reported to the league. There was a hearing by the league commission, and Arthur and I were relieved of duty. Goesh was made commander of the ship.

Arthur and I have a consulting firm now here on earth. We will be together for the rest of our yeons.


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