I Go Back
Author: Luke Mudge


back again, I read it and it swept me back in like something you see in a movie.
Didn't shut my eyes,
didn't take a deep hold of my breath,
just read it and now I'm here.
It's sunny,
it's always sunny,
even when it's raining,
it's sunny.
I'm barefoot, though very comfy,
in my element,
the smells,
the organized chaos surrounds me,
That smell..... never forget it,
how it was when the pages flipped,
when you looked outside,
Everyone you meet,
even the same people that you saw day to day,
heck, I'll even say, when you didn't see anyone at all,
Those were the times that mattered the most.
And then it was just us two,
one endless common goal,
one seemingly impossible dream,
one tiny place we called, paradise.
those memories will never fade,
for every passing day in fact it's something we can say we yearn for even more,
everything was simple, though life seemed chaotic,
inside everything was loud and full of sound,
then the door would open up,
you'd walk out,
and the door would shut behind you,
then it was quiet,
not just soft,
but perfection is what you heard,
even when what you heard was nothing more than somebody talking,
or the clicking sound of that "gun"
no ordinary gun,
this gun had purpose,
when you heard the trigger on the gun,
it meant work was getting done,
remember the dog chain, how that sounded everytime we'd let her outside,
she just wanted to be by us two,
we were her favorite people,
remember the cold air as it swept in on us,
how the garage sounded when we opened up the door,
remember the curiosity on the new customers face as they pulled up to our house,
but the more curious we were as we were finally getting a customer or two.
how the long summer dog days would somehow keep you cool in that shaded place.
the look of things never really did change,
but the colors,
the smell,
the ideas,
kept us motivated,
kept us moving,
even if just to last another day,
we didn't mind,
it was our place of solitude
and nobody will ever be able to take that from us.
when it was time to close up for good,
we knew it not because we couldn't keep it around,
but we knew what needed to be savored.
we knew the opening of that garage door would never sound the same again,
we knew everytime we walked out there,
no matter what cluttered up that small space,
we'd be taken back to our paradise,
personally I know whenever I go back into that place,
I go back 15 years
I go back.

------- Author's Notes -------

Another writing on Right Field Cards, too anyone else, just another card shop, to my dad and I, A lifetime of memories


Comments on this poem/writing:

shiloh ( -- Wednesday, June 16 2010, 07:24 pm

a deep, contented sigh, and goosebumps on my arms

god, luke - you do have a talent, don't you?
there is no way i could come even slightly close to the way you wrote this one - it is as perfect as it could be. i think i will print it out and put it on the wall here, so i can read it whenever i want, just by looking up.
Thank you. This is one that I needed to read. Sometimes your words hit hard, sometimes they hit with the force of a feather pillow, but they always hit well. I love you, son.
Luke Mudge ( -- Wednesday, June 16 2010, 07:43 pm

Thanks Dad

I just re-read something and it hit me like a brick, i started thinking about it and had to run with it
shiloh ( -- Sunday, June 20 2010, 05:24 am

something like this...

something like this makes me proud that I am a Dad... I guess that I must have done a couple things right with you boys, and that makes today all the more enjoyable. I love you.
- Dad
shiloh..... ( -- Saturday, October 20 2012, 04:12 am

just read this again...

just read this again, and it still is as powerful as it was the first time I read it.
those were beautiful days, especically the early mornings. it didn't matter if we had a customer or not - just working with the guides and the cards, filing them, putting them in their sleeves, just working together... it was fun. It's gone now, and I miss that, but it was there for a time, and it was great.
dad ( -- Thursday, February 21 2013, 07:36 am

it's a shame

it's a shame that all that has now gone to shit.
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