Author: Dorothy C. Fox


      Was it so long ago when my world was young, that I entered into this Cosmic space to learn and yearn for more?

      I came from Betelgeuse, is what the Spirits say, to help this race called "Human". They were not willing for such as me, to enter into their lives and I felt so lonely and lost. But, there was one, I found on the beach, who was within my reach, and we became one.

      We taught each other such love I hadnít known. And this was our paradise for such a time. We wandered through the hills and vales. Our food was berries and grain, and we grew in our love, until we entered one day, a village that had been far away, and our seclusive lives came to an end.

      The people of village came armed and ready. These strangers were aliens and not for them. We both backed away, to return to our own plane, only to find the gate locked and escape was not possible.

      Locked in a dangerous, dark, dank dungeon, tied to the wall, with our hands above our heads, and feet restrained, we felt so hopeless.

      "Why did we venture from our own place? Why did I come from Betelgeuse, only to be disgraced? I prayed and prayed to my God for an answer, but it was not forthcoming. My love, with head bowed in disgrace, couldnít understand my prayer and tears flowed down his face.

      Our tormentors would come at dawn and dusk. Beat us with corded whips until we bled. No food or drink was supplied to us, and as days went into night, and night again, there seemed to be no end, until one day the dungeon door opened from above, and on a rope came down our deliverer. She cut us down, treated us with water and some food, then led us quietly out of the dungeon into the fresh, pure air. We went past the sleeping guards, to a large horse-drawn wagon, and were taken to the city walls, where she opened the gates and released us.

      All of this was done in the quiet of the morn. Our friend with horse and wagon was suddenly gone from our sight. Was she an angel? We never knew, for we never saw her again.

      But we were once again in a new and different place. No longer did we find the the place that had been our home. We seemed to be destined now to roam.

      This new place was crowded with a lot of discord. We couldnít settle there either and found a boat that took us downstream to a desert where quiet reigned.

      The peacefulness here was so clear that once again we knew our love.       So, my life at that time, was not the help I was supposed to give, and after a century or two, I returned to Betelgeuse, only to be told, once more."

      "When you have rested, you must return to the Earth and not be spurned."

      And, so it goes. The Earthlings do not understand those who are from another plane and the torture goes on.

      Will there ever be a time, when life will be sublime and all the Universe can live in peace? We must keep on trying over and over again.

      The King of Peace is patient and can wait.


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