Get This Stuff Off Of Me
Author: Meridian Zuriel


Writing like crazy since May 29th
Canít seem to stop
Itís not that I want to
But emotions got nowhere to go
So I just let Ďem flow
I just let myself vent
On a white piece of paper
As my fingers get to work
Typing and typing in a frenzy
Gotta get this stuff out thatís in me
Been going through
Been holding back
Been going round like the spin cycle
Canít seem to relax
So I write and I write
Monday through Sunday
From morning to night
Write to stay calm
Write to feel good
Write to make a statement
Write to say what my mouth would
If I wasnít scared to voice my opinion
If fear didnít have such dominion
Over my right to the freedom of speech
Still working on that, not giving up on courage
Thatís why I write to encourage
Me, myself and I
I write when I should be getting some shut-eye
I write for love, peace and joy
I write to unload, to unwind
I write cause I got so much stuff on my mind
I got a traffic jam of thoughts
My mindís congested
Wanna be free of this mind
Thatís to blame for me not having rested
For a loooooong time
Too young to be an insomniac, unhealthy
Like a walking zombie
Dealing with issues, situations, struggles and challenges
Trying to overcome and triumph over them all
Trying to and wanting in the end to stand tall
My heartís in my words, as is my soul
This mindís working overtime all the time
Got to figure out a way to gain control
So until then as I end ďGet This Off Of MeĒ
I write so that the bad will flee
Hoping against hope Iíll live to see
That day when Iíll permanently be free

Another poem filled with emotions is guaranteed
And I donít mind letting the ink bleed
ĎCause Iím anticipating an Exodus like the Hebrews
When God led them out of captivity
Out of the hand of Pharaoh to pass through the Red Sea
Out of Egypt into a land of milk and honey


A reward for this mind that knows no liberty
'Cause this way of living life is crazy

------- Author's Notes -------

The last two breaks in the poem I didn't know whether putting them into the Author's Notes would've been better or not. All I know is, I wanted to keep the last eight lines and didn't have nowhere else to put them. They look a bit out of place, but I couldn't help but keep them.


Comments on this poem/writing:

Shan ( -- Monday, June 6 2011, 11:33 pm


Love your expression! And I too use writing to get by my own harbored opinions lol my theory, the world couldn't handle them if I said it any other way than poetry ;-) they are spoken and expressed beautifully here!
Meri ( -- Tuesday, June 7 2011, 01:47 am

thanks girl

Hey Shan!

What would we do without our expression, I don't know. Writing rocks!
barb ( -- Thursday, June 9 2011, 09:25 pm

Very good and True too

Y0u discribed exactl;y why I write too.Your writing expressived it perfectly Thanks
Meri ( -- Thursday, June 9 2011, 10:52 pm

thanks barb

Venting in writing is sometimes better than inhaling and exhaling or talking out loud to yourself.
barb ( -- Friday, June 10 2011, 03:45 pm

that depends

If you talk to yourself at least you never feel alione lol
Meri ( -- Friday, June 10 2011, 06:13 pm


I guess you can have a good time like that.

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in thinking out loud, one would've thought I was talking to another individual.
Becky ( -- Friday, June 10 2011, 10:47 pm

Venting aloud

Venting in Poetry is very stress relieving for me especially if I am having trouble trying to sleep cause something is on my mind...

Voicing it aloud is for the real peeved-off moments of unsaid conversations with people I would love to really be able to say it too.. and works best when taking a shower or driving somewhere when I alone.. best not to write those down... lol
Meri ( -- Friday, June 10 2011, 11:29 pm

I catch your drift

Hey Becky. Yes. I can imagine why you didn't write those thoughts down. I had to smile at that one. Thanks for keeping it clean. Haha.
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