So Many Stories
Author: Capricorn


So Many Memories

‘My husband rang me a minute after
the plane penetrated
two floors below his office.
When certain there was no
escape route,
we spent precious minutes
talking, until
a heart ripping silence
coincided with the TV picture
of the twin tumbling.’

‘My daughter was flying home
from Boston. Anticipation
flipped to disbelief.
I just knew it was
her plane before me
on the telly.’

‘I was frantic when I made
that call to my sister,
only to hear her company
had moved a month ago.
Relief emptied tears
down the cheeks of this
unemotional man.
until my dog – dear Jo,
jumped onto my lap
licking my face to ease the pain.’

‘Two years previous
I dined in the restaurant at the top
looking at the panoramic view.
My imagination cannot engulf
the desperation
that drove anyone to jump
from that giant. Yet they did –
one tried to sail with planks of wood
on his hands
one landed on a fireman
another a priest and
like swatting flies they killed them too.
The chilling thuds haunt me still.’

‘I got out and bolted – breathless,
then hid under a car until
the towers collapsed.
I thought I might be blind
as my eyes were veiled --
didn’t know if I was deaf
for my ears were stuffed
I wasn’t even sure if I was alive
until I managed to stand
and covered in black ash
I ran towards the phone box
grabbed the phone
startling a woman
in the middle of her conversation.
I phoned my wife --
Honey, I am alive.’

‘Many workmen rushed in
to gather round the screen
just as the Trade Pillars collapsed.
Their screams haunt me still
in recurring nightmares’

‘I was in Mom’s belly
when Dad died.
She told me he was
very courageous
loving me though we never met.
I love him too.’

------- Author's Notes -------

I wrote this when I heard the heart breaking stories of the 9/11 tragedy. I've been without a computer otherwise I'd have submitted this earlier


Comments on this poem/writing:

Meri ( -- Sunday, October 9 2011, 09:33 pm

Great compilation of stories

It's been years Cap! Great to see you back!

Yeah, I remember what I was doing that day. I left school early that Tuesday in '01, because I wasn't feeling well. My dad - when he took me home - asked me on the way, if I knew what was happening right now. I shook my head no. Then, I saw the news and the tragedy on TV.

Terrible, historic event.
Capricorn ( -- Sunday, October 9 2011, 11:25 pm

Thanks Meri - great to hear from you

Yes - an awful event which has affected the world, but listening to so many stories seemed to make it all so real and tragic somehow.
Terrie* ( -- Tuesday, October 18 2011, 06:48 pm

Great Read-

What a Tragedy , wasn't it??
Thank You for your shared Compassion Cap.
Lookin' forward to dropin' in to read more of your
work.Blessings! Terrie
anonymous ( -- Wednesday, October 19 2011, 11:31 am

Cap is back!

Good to see you back Cap! I check once in awhile, to see if any of my favorite old time poets are still here? Most are gone, and one is back. Enjoyed your poem Cap. My brother-in-law worked for Morgan Stanly, and usually ate breakfast at the top. That week he didn't go to NY or fly that same plane that went down. We all remember in some way, that day. An awesome poem! Thanks Cap!
anonymous ( -- Wednesday, October 19 2011, 11:37 am


I forgot to give my name on "anonymous?" Cap, it's Dino, just saying hello and glad one of my favorites is back.
Capricorn ( -- Sunday, October 23 2011, 09:15 pm

Hi there

Terrie - it's good to hear from you again. Yes! what a tragedy. Hope to hear from you again whan I post something.
Capricorn ( -- Sunday, October 23 2011, 09:20 pm

Hi Dino!

Dino - my friend! You were the first person to post a comment on my poetry. It's so good to hear from you. Like you I call here now & again. I hope to hear from you again soon. I remember us having some deep conversations. I've missed you!
Capricorn ( -- Sunday, October 23 2011, 10:21 pm


Your brother-in-law was so lucky, Dino!
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