Author: Ash


What is wrong with me?
Why can't I be happy?
Everyone around me seems to be fine.
Why can't I just be one of them?

What is wrong with me?
When all the world is asleep
why am I still awake?
Why won't all of these thoughts
go away when I want to sleep?

What is wrong with me?
What makes me feel so alone
in such a crowded room?
Why does it seem
that I can never fully explain myself?

What is wrong with me?
Why can't I answer any of these questions?
How can I make them disappear?

The answer is simple,
I am a defect.
And I will remain that way


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RinRin ( -- Wednesday, September 3 2003, 09:39 pm


nothing is wrong with you. you're not a defect, you're just different. it's ok to be different! we're all different in our own little ways, so it's ok if you feel that way. don't fret! :)

Ash ( -- Saturday, September 6 2003, 04:55 pm

no title

Thanks RinRin for the comment!
I guess I just feel so alone sometimes.
Martin Vann ( -- Saturday, September 6 2003, 05:23 pm

You have a rare, quality!


This is good work! Something I want you to think about..., how many of your, fine friends can write and express themselves as you can? There is a "rare quality" that few people have, the quality and ability, to write poetry, this, YOU have and are fortunate. You have an avenue to freedom whereas some of your fine friends are trapped in a superficial world that will not last, as your poems will.

One last comment, I have never heard of a really, good poet, being able to write quality, poetry, while "standing in a crowd," hope you understand what i'm saying, if not, then, you probably, do "feel my meaning."

Good work
Ash ( -- Friday, September 12 2003, 06:33 pm

Thank You

Martin V thanks so much for the comment. I have been reading others' poetry for a while now on this site and i finally got enough courage to put a piece of my own work on here. It really means alot that you even bothered reading it.
Leah ( -- Wednesday, September 17 2003, 05:20 am


If you wanna be happy stop looking at the ppl around you who "seem to be fine" focus on what you need to fix in your life to make you happy. Nothign is wrong with you, everybody at one point thinks taht there is something wrong with them or that they are different but that part is true we all are different and have had different experiences to make us who we are.If you cant sleep cuz of thoughts not going away maybe you need to fix the thoughts troubling you because dwelling on your problems wont make anything better or make them go away. You feel alone in a crowded room cuz you are so focused on yourself . I'm sure your not the only 1 in the crowded room who feels alone find some 1 else who does and let them know you can be there to talk with them tell them they are not alone just like you are not alone im sure you have friends and family members who are there for you and you know it. You can never fully explain yourself cuz you don't want to your so use to keeping it in thats its hard for you to let it out. You can answer the questions if you really wanted to you got into the questions now you can get out just look deeper than all the gloom and doom you see your self in. You cant make your problems dissappear but you can work at fixing the problem so your mind can work to think better..girl you are NOT a defect and I repeat not a defect. Every single person born can make their life as happy or as crappy as they want it to be you are in control no body else every person is a miracle not a defect. If you say that you will remail that way 4 ever than you will! if you say you cant do it you cant! You don't have to stay depressed until your death bed and thats not gonna happen search your heart for real answers and help yourself cuz the only person who can truly help YOU is You. ........Hey sorry if i was judging you I don't even know your sitauation but i wanted to give advice I hope you read this and don't worry......nice poem
Meridian ( -- Saturday, March 20 2004, 03:17 pm

Defect? I think not

Hey Ash! I'm Meridian! Ummmmmmmm..........let me start off by saying, there are a lot of people who are in the same boat with you. It might be some of your friends; who knows. The people in which we don't live with, might be staying up late at night. Nobody knows but family. Some people might choose to smile, to hide their sorrow; but that doesn't make them a defect, nor you. I think like this sometimes too, so that should make you a little happy. You're not alone. And you're not abnormal. Like Leah stated so beautifully above, life is nothing but what we make of it. Enjoy the fresh air in life as it comes. Don't live each day in agony and depression all your life. Because, when you get old, you start to think about what could've been.
DOn't feel that way Ash!

This is wonderfully expressed though!!!!!

ANd this is............ Meridian
Meridian ( -- Saturday, March 20 2004, 03:18 pm

My motto

Hey Ash! I forgot to add........ You can give yourself a little motto as a way to uplift your depression.

Mine is............Live each day with expectation

Yours truly,
Gabriel ( -- Saturday, May 15 2004, 07:25 pm

no title

i feel the same way alot
i relate to this poem and think that it is well written and very good
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