The Myth Of Rottweiler Dogs
Author: Ashlee B.


Hi my name is Ashlee i know this is not a poem but I know Barbara Goodhew and she wanted me to put this in. I am going to talk about Rottweiler dogs. You may be thinking "Oh great rottweiler dogs there really vicious!" well I have two Rottweilers Rocky and Myth and both of them are BIG sucks! It all boils down to how the dogs is raised if you treat the rottweilers with love and care they will be loyal household pets. Now i'll tell you the reason we called our girl dog Myth. 1 reason is because a myth is an untrue fact and it is an untrue fact that ALL rottweilers are vicious dogs! another reason is because my mother used to think rottweilers were vicious dogs but she found out it is not true!

Myth is hyper,cuddly and keeps us laughing for hours! now our boy dog on the other hand is different we didn't name Rocky you see my mom and dad were at the store and they saw my dad's friend he asked them if they wanted a dog so they decided to check it out when they got to the guy's house and what they saw was a dog who had no skin because he had so many flea's he had chewed himself bare he was super skinny because he had no food and was left outside all winter my mom and dad left a note saying they took Rocky home.

My mom and dad think Rocky was beat because every time we raised our arm to get something he would cowar away thinking that we were going to hit him also if he was lying on the floor and we walked near him he would jump up in fear of us stepping on him. after a whole year he was almost all better but he kept limping we took him to the vets and they told us he had Arthiritis now a year later he's all better. You want an example on how NOT to raise dogs? here it is:

my dad's friend Fred had a friend over his dog had had puppies and the puppies were playing around well fred's friend stepped on one of there heads and fred called my mom the puppy died 2 am in the morning If you treat your rottweiler dog he or she will be a loyal household pet if one of our family members gets mad at them then they will lie down with there heads down the reason they do that is because Rottweilers only want to please there masters and get hurt if they think your mad at them

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ashlee is 12


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Capricorn ( -- Tuesday, April 12 2005, 07:08 am


This is a very interesting piece of writing and what you have said is so true. If you want your dog to be good you have to treat him good.I love the names of your dogs. They are very lucky to have a loving family to live with.
shiloh ( -- Thursday, March 27 2008, 07:32 pm

very true -

most animals, especially dogs, just want to please their human - if they sense their human is happy with them, they are happy themselves - if they sense their human is unhappy with them, then they are upset as well. the kindest thing anyone with a dog can do is love it, hold it, hug it, talk with it (notice i said "with," not just "to") and make it as much a positive part of your life as you can - then your dog will be happy and content and feel loved and feel secure. (and this is from a guy who has 4 cats! - but i used to have a couple dogs, too.)
well written - if you one day become a teacher, i wouldn't be surprised.
barb goodhew ( -- Wednesday, June 3 2020, 11:19 pm

thanks alot

Ashlee is my granddaughter and she is very kind smart funny a special girl who loves animals too
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