I Am Afraid.... April 2020
Author: Shiloh


well, I have just taken a world tour of major cities that are impacted by the virus, and I am somewhat nonplussed - I am finally starting to understand the tremendous hit that our entire planet is taking with this virus, and while I am not running willy-nilly with the falling sky behind me, I am moving a bit more cautiously about my thoughts and statements regarding this damnedable thing they call a virus.

It is, indeed, nasty.

Honestly, the most laughable thing I have read so far is that, "Prayer will take care of things."

Admirable attitude, I suppose, but hardly efficient or workable. Pray, yes, but do not expect that to take care of the problem.

Actually, I really do not see an end to this with rainbows and smiles and happy feelings. It has already become as gruesome and as frightening as it can be, and there seems to be great promise of it getting much, much worse before it lessens at all. If it will lessen.

What is sad and pathetic to me is to watch and hear all the political back-stabbing verbage in D.C. by those who would rather watch The Good Ship America go down, than to try to work with each other for the common good. There is no common good in D.C. Everyone there seems bent on waiting for everyone else to go down in flames, thinking they will become the supreme victors.... but of what will they reign over, if this continues as it has every indication of doing?

It is well past time to park the partisan squabbles away and take up the jobs of working together to forge a strong and dedicated alliance against this common enemy - the virus and the heated political anger - and try (though I doubt it can be done) to find a way to win this completely new war on not only our own homefront, but the homefronts of all the nations in the world. Verbal piss and moan contests will accomplish naught, but it will serve to widen the gaps that politicians love - because they do not want to see harmony in politics - to them, it is "THEM," versus "US".

Politicians are basically useless any more, and I put them in the same category as military recruiters, insurance salesmen, used car dealers, and lawyers, and super-self-enamomred supervisors. I am not enamored of any of them, and I would hardly trust any of them with my life.

They have their precious egos to sooth, and they do not care one whit about how they attempt to make themselves feel righteous about their world today.

I am really starting to feel fear for our country, and pity for those of us who will have to live with whateverthehell the politicians leave for us at the end of this morass.



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Luke Mudge ( -- Saturday, April 4 2020, 01:47 am

itll be alright

H1N1 killed over 500,000 people and infected a BILLION worldwide, yes this virus is more contagious but less dangerous physically.
Pretend everyone including yourself has a 24/7 super flu and treat everyone as such until there is a vaccine, and make sure the ones you live with do the same, so they do not bring it home to you.
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