Incredible Love!
Author: M B J Pancras


“Dear, how are you? I am always thinking of you.” Bella expressed her strong feelings of love for Richards.

“Yea, darling, I am not fine. Because you are a flash in my memory; and it’s frequent to me.” Richards reciprocated to Bella’s feelings.

Bella was working in an office. She was handling all the tasks assigned to her in the office. A hard and diligent employee! She knew how to handle the assignments of the office. A kind-hearted young woman! Other employees used to seek her assistance pertaining to any office task. And she would gladly extend her help to those who had approached her. She became well-experienced in most of the office related tasks although she had joined the office just one and half year before. She was highly qualified having secured Master’s Degree in Management of Computer Science. She had to join the office for some domestic reasons.

“Hello, madam, I am Richards transferred from Matsia to this place. May I meet the Head of this institution and give me joining report?” Richards had recalled his first approach to Bella.

Richards had wanted to meet the Head and submit the joining report. It is always a regular phenomenon.

Days had passed. Richards would visit the office to complete his tasks. Bella would assist him to complete the tasks. Richards would sit in the office and do some work assigned by the Head.

“Bella, why do you work here? What are your educational qualifications?” Richards had inquired Bella.

“I am doing my Ph.D. in Computer Management.” Bella replied in wearied tone.

“Then why are you here?”

“I have some domestic reasons. So I am here.”

“I feel pitiful that you have such a high qualification; but you are working for a meager payment.” Richards replied to Bella’s statement with a concern.

Richards was a man of compassion; he had a melting heart. He had always a soft corner to those who struggle in life. He had a great concern for those who are oppressed. He had developed a compassionate relationship with Bella.

Bella had become a pet for Richards. He had wanted to help Bella in many ways. She would confide with him all her domestic problems and in return Richards would console her heart.

Months passed. Richards and Bella had become very close and had shared many things between them. There had been born an incredible love between. They would share their love in various means. They would exchange their feelings of love over mobile phones.

“Richards, I want to see you now.” Bella expressed her love to Richards over phone.

“It’s nine now. We’ll meet tomorrow.” Richards comforted Bella.

Richards and Bella expressed their feelings of love frequently.

They exchanged their intimacy whole-heartedly.

Months passed. There struck a hurricane between them. The disaster hit them from outside. The Head of the office was transferred. An outlandish autocrat took the position of the office. That outlandish autocrat played havoc on diligent and hard-working Bella. Bella was disgraced; humiliated for her openness. Lots of allegations were thrown at Bella. Richards tried to safeguard Bella, but he became helpless in some situations.

It was the outlandish autocrat’s criminal plan against Bella that Bella’s services had to be terminated from the office. Richards became totally upset. All his attempts to safeguard Bella ended in vain.

Bella’s services were terminated. She had to leave the office. She looked at the place where she had worked. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Richards wiped out the tears with his hand. His heart became heavy and wept bitterly within.

Richards used to visit the office less. He would stay a while at the doorstep and recall how Bella had worked in the office; how he had worked with her. Now everything looked empty; vanity of vanities.

“Richards, you spoke to me in such a way that your words touched my heart. I am happy you are with me now.”

Richards imagined that Bella had spoken to him while they had been in the office together. Tears rolled down the cheeks of Richards. He left instantly.

Days passed.

“Richards, how are you? I am not fine. You are always in my heart. How can I forget you?” Bella expressed her feelings to Richards over phone at home.

They would speak with each other over phone.

“Bella, I am transferred from this place to Mshecho. I can’t stay alone in this place without seeing you. So I am leaving this place. But I will meet you sooner.” Richards’ words bruised the heart of Bella.

“Why do you leave this place? I am living in this town. I can meet at any time.” Bella’s reply came out with a heavy heart.

“No, Bella, I can’t stay in this office when you are not here? The ‘head’ is outlandish in her behavior. So I am leaving. I will meet you soon” Richards had to convince Bella.

Months passed.

“Dear, how are you? I am always thinking of you.” Bella expressed her strong feelings of love for Richards.

“Yea, darling, I am not fine. Because you are a flash in my memory; and it’s frequent to me.” Richards reciprocated to Bella’s feelings.

Bella and Richards used to speak over phone frequently for days together.

An unimaginable disaster happened in the intimacy of Bella and Richards.

Yea. There snapped their intimacy and she stopped talking to Richards.

What happened between them?

Yea. She had to obey reality. And he too.

They had their own families.

But Bella and Richards would long for their relationship. Yea. They do long for it.

Will they get back it?

Only Time can answer.

------- Author's Notes -------

An incredible love between two hearts!


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