The World Doesn't Understand
Author: Heather T


Society's filth disgusts me
Narrow-minded hypocrits surround me
Don't understand me
Don't want to understand me
Don't try to understand me
You'll end up confused
Replaying thoughts
Trying to solve the puzzle of which is my mind, my depressed, lonely soul
Running around in circles
Realizing you've ended up where you started
You see my world is complex compared to your straight-arrow, simple, closed-mind world
Your puzzle pieces fit together in a neat little pattern
While mine are scattered and forgotten about
Open you eyes
Open your mind
Solve the puzzle of which is my mind, my vulgar, violent soul
See me for what I really am
Love me not for what you want me to be
Judge me not by what you see
Look into my mind and you will understand me


Comments on this poem/writing:

Roy ( -- Monday, September 30 2002, 01:52 am

My wife, lover and dear friend

This is hard to go thru for anyone! My wife has taught me for 32 years understanding responding with kindness in my rages. She showed me how to treat people not with anger for there lacking, yet me. I sidetrack my anger with making and understanding my friends or the people around me. God bless you and there is one out here that understands you and cares.
XoForeverXo ( -- Thursday, May 29 2003, 01:57 am

no title

i love ur poem so much i def feel the same way! keep writing! xoxo
Shannon ( -- Thursday, September 11 2003, 03:32 am

no title

Totally captivating.
Leah ( -- Tuesday, November 18 2003, 01:35 am


awesome poem.
Jose Maldonado aka Ho-Ho ( -- Tuesday, December 9 2003, 06:07 pm

A gangster's mind.

In a gangster's mind.<BR>
A death just means cash.<BR>
Just a trigger pulled once.<BR>
And a pocket of stash.<BR>
In a gangsters mind.<BR>
A stranger was never there<BR>
so a bullet to ones chest.<BR>
And a gangster wouldn't care.<BR>
In a Gangsters mind.<BR>
drugs just a feeling.<BR>
But for what the drugs worth.<BR>
Is what causes drug dealing.<BR>
In a gangsters mind.<BR>
The hoods all they've got.<BR>
trying to take it over.<BR>
Could cause one to get shot.<BR>
In a gangsters mind.<BR>
drugs and death equal food.<BR>
Theres always a reason for what gangsters do.<BR>
Those might not be good reasons.<BR>
To those who don't know that life.<BR>
But that's all gangsters know.<BR>
Through there struggles they fight.<BR>
Even though it is wrong.<BR>
In there mind it seems right.
eliana ( -- Tuesday, February 24 2004, 05:57 pm

its cool

its a nice poem cuz that is how I live
Meridian ( -- Thursday, March 25 2004, 06:13 pm


Yep, I agree with you 100% Heather T. Society is definitely backwards, and has been for over 15 years; maybe more. Seems like the world is caving in and carries too much weight on your shoulder everyday doesn't it? "I enjoyed it Heather T."
Aurelio Sr. ( -- Wednesday, April 28 2004, 05:34 pm


It's difficult to try to explain to someone what it feels like to bury a son there are no words to describe it. My tears were few at the funeral and I sought to be alone amist all the people expressing condolences and the pain of their own loss.That day as today I often see my son as a three year so willing to share a smile so willing to love.For days I sat looking at my door waiting for him to come through it's unreal what you hope for even when you know it can't happen at times I felt that if I wished hard enough it just might. The numbness has left me and I often cry,it's usually when I'm alone that I allow my self to feel the pain, for a long time I fought it,on occasion it snuck up on me and it frightened me to feel so much hurt. The look on my nine year old's face when I told him that his brother died I will never forget, he did'nt say much but the tears in his eyes broke my heart.It has been just over a year since his death and his face pops up at the strangest times he can still make me laugh, I miss my son.On the anniversary of his death in the middle of the day my youngest walked to me I squatted down to look at him he extened his arms to hugg me as I held him something was different I closed my eyes tightly and I realize it could have been wishfull thinking but even if just for a moment I held Aurelio again.The loss of my son has been the greatest trial of my life and the greatest testimony builder any one could ever imagine, my son has given me a precious gift he has helped me to see clearly how important it is to love those around me more fully.As I ponder his life and mine I feel great regret at times, if all of us knew the day we would lose someone I'm convince that we would spent every moment expressing our love for them, for those that have lost children I'm sure they would hold them more often maybe without letting go.The reality is that we all at one point must die that is simply part of the plan I don't sorrow for Aurelio but for those that feel pain at his passing, I know that I will see my son again.The Savior of the world has given all of us the gift of life after death through his own ressurection.He lived that we might learn of him by his exampl a disciple of Christ seeks to do as he would. I know that he lives,I know that he suffered all that man kind would have to endure so that we could turn to him for comfort during the trials we will all face through out this life. It is because of Him that I can endure.This will be a journey without end.To those that miss my son I desire for you the clarity that only comes from the Savior to see ahead, to understand that life is to short to be spent contending with those whom you don't even know.You the youth of this generation are valiant souls who chose to be here during these uncertain times within you is great power given to you by a loving Father in heaven,please try to see yourselves for who you really are,you are sons and daughters of God. Seek to know him pray always. Ask for strength to chose the right and I promise you that you will recieve it seek to have his spirit with you and it will guide you. At some point in your lives you too will have children of your own they will be the greatest gift of all it will be your responsibilities to raise them right, to lead them down paths that will allow them to be happy without the cares and the pains that so many of you carry. Please stop doing those things that will cause you to be burdened with regret later please know that your pontential is limitless any righteous desire you may have will be given to you. If I could have but one wish it would be that all of you feel the love of Christ in your hearts. I have felt his embrace in my life and have wept like a child. That His spirit of comfort fill you with light is my humble prayer in the name of Jesus Christ amen........
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