I Didnít Mean To
Author: Justus Isaiah Richardson


Mom and dad said theyíd be home at eleven.
I planned this whole scene around their schedule.
They were supposed to find me in time to save me,
But they got pulled over on their way home.
I began to panic when they didnít arrive.
The blood was pouring from the gashes on my wrists.
Oh my God! Oh my God! This wasnít part of the plan!
I donít want to die, I just wanted them to hear me!!
Wait! Whatís that light?? Where did it come from??
Grandpa, Is that you? Why are you here?? Youíre dead!!
Am I dead? No, I canít be!! Iím only fourteen!!
Grandpa, I wasnít really trying to kill myself!!
Mom and Dad were supposed to come home and save me!
Whoís that with you Grandpa? He looks like an angel!
Tell me whatís going on?? Why are you both crying??
I didnít mean to do this! Someone please help me!!
Wait!! Grandpa where are you going?? Whatís happening??
Thereís Mom and Dad, and theyíve got paramedics with them!
Why are they shaking their heads?? Come on, do something!!
No! donít put that sheet over my head, save me!!
Use those electric things!! Youíve got to restart my heart!!
Mom donít cry. Tell them! Tell them to keep trying!!
I donít wanna be dead!! Grandpa said Iím stuck here now!
Mom you canít give up on me!! Why canít you hear me??
Dad! Dad, please tell me you can hear me!! Daddy, please!!
I donít like this! Itís so empty, and lonely and dark!!
Daddy, I donít like being alone, help me!
Oh God, what have I done? Please give me another chance!
I donít wanna be stuck here, like this forever!
At least say something! Why canít anyone hear me??
I only wanted Mom and Dad to notice me!
To know that I wasnít happy with my life!
I was only trying to get their attention!
I didnít really mean to commit suicide!!


Comments on this poem/writing:

Megan ( -- Wednesday, March 17 2004, 01:09 pm


Wow! That was chilling! That so could have been me!
Lady Eryemil ( -- Friday, March 19 2004, 12:53 am


Hmm mon cher, not trying to sound like a heartless bitch but killing yourself just for attention would hardly get any sympathy from me, the person in the poem
sounds just like a whiney, spoilt little kid. Just because life do doesn't go the way we want it it's not reason to kill ourselves. Want to give hell a visit, try living one day in my life. Even though this poem does make me angry I like the way you used the words to express the angst and confusion that that person must have been feeling at that moment.
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