Author: Justus Isaiah Richardson


Iíll admit that I have my issues,
I think the same is true of us all.
I rage against the machine,
Because thatís what weíve become.
My parents spoke of simpler times
When society, they said, had a soul.
When blood still flowed through its veins,
Too bad that was so long ago.
Iíve read about the world back then,
And yes, it had its issues too.
But at least you could trust people,
And not worry about getting screwed.
I believe in love thy neighbor,
Is there something wrong with that?
I believe in respect for others,
Itís really not that hard to do.
I honor my mother and father,
They took care of me when I couldnít.
I believe in my children,
And I hope they will do the same.
I believe a man should cry,
Donít hold it in like some macho jerk.
I believe women are thin,
Even when they donít look thin.
I believe in everyoneís right
To believe what they want.
I believe dogs are better than cats,
Dogs know youíre the boss.
I believe children need discipline,
Or they will never learn
There are consequences for their actions,
We donít need a generation of sociopaths.
We must all learn to adapt
To the environment we live in.
You will never change something
If you donít first understand it.
I believe God teaches structure,
And inspires a deeper sense of morality.
I believe man teaches chaos,
And provokes a subtle form of insanity.
I believe America is the land of the free,
But only in the minds of her people.
I believe they are too blinded by dreams,
To recognize Socialism when they see it.
I believe people should read more,
And keep up on things that affect them.
I believe children should have a voice,
But it should not be greater than their parents.
I believe we should tend to our own needy,
Before giving to the Christian Childrenís Fund.
I believe cops are really androids,
Who follow their programming.
I believe the judicial system is corrupt,
And you are guilty until proven innocent.
I believe profanity has no place in music,
It is simply an expression of disrespect.
Music is supposed to be good for the soul,
Not a way to make a political statement.
I believe Jesus taught the importance of others,
While some beliefs teach separation.
I believe we are all 86% water,
And none of that water is purified.
I believe everyone has the potential
To be greater than the sum of their parts.
I donít believe any of us live up to our potential,
And we usually look out for number one.
I would rather my name appear in the Book Of Life,
That on the pages of some history book.
I donít believe I need a disclaimer
To comment on the poetry of an atheist if its good.
Whatís the point in saying you donít agree
With what they believe in before you comment?
Does it somehow make one feel superior?
Should it make the other feel grateful for your comment?
So what if you do or you donít believe in God!
Thatís between you and Him, leave me out of it!
The only way to find out whoís right is to die!
No one can prove anything while theyíre alive,
Thatís why itís called a belief system!
I believe hemp has gotten a bad rap!
I believe M.T.B.E. Ďshouldí have a bad rap!
It takes more effort to be a jerk than a nice guy.
It takes less effort to smile than to frown.
Appreciate what youíve been given,
And donít covet the possessions of others.
If you have more than you need, share.
If you have less than you need, get a job!
If the job market is dry in your field,
Work in fast food until it opens back up!
I believe life is a test of our character,
And the majority of us are going to flunk.
I believe tissues should be available at sad movies,
And people should not be ashamed if they cry.
I believe hot dogs should be eaten,
But only at a baseball game.
I believe Raiders fans need to lighten up!
I believe Bengals fans need
to start showing up!
I donít believe George Bush is a good President.
I donít believe Bill Clinton was a good President.
In the end, I donít believe it matters.
I believe they were just puppets anyway.
I believe religion has been corrupted
By people who had their own agendas in mind.
I believe agnosticism is a cop out!
It is structured on the foundation of indecision!
I believe organized religion is about control,
And uses God to impose that control.
I believe war is an expression of our animal nature.
I believe peace is an expression of our spiritual nature.
But in times of war a peaceful nature
Makes you a target, and will only get you killed!
I believe people who stand out in church
Put on a show for the benefit of their peers.
I believe people who try to be the life of the party
Do it so they donít have to be themselves.
I believe if you get the things you dream about,
It still wonít be enough to make you happy.
I believe people are lost, and what you see are just masks
To make them look like theyíve got it together.
I believe faith is a decision, to stop fighting the current
And allow the river to take you where itís going to.
I believe people should tend to their own gardens
And stop worrying so much about mine!
I believe greed is destroying the human race.
I believe it is also destroying the environment.
I believe the internal combustion engine is antiquated.
Itís the number one reason OPEC still exists.
I believe the Federal Reserve is a central banking system,
And is not part of the United States Government.
I believe the feces is about to hit the fan.
When it does, all weíll have left is what we believe.
I believe this poem expresses who I am and what I believe.
I hope you can accept that, because this is ME.


Comments on this poem/writing:

Dino ( -- Friday, November 28 2003, 07:02 am


WoW I say! I applaud your bravery in expressing yourself and your views on alot of things. This took alot of thought. I like dogs better then cats too. My neighbors cats keep shitting in my planter boxes. Why can't they keep them in their own house and on a leash. It stinks! Enjoyed reading your poems. Thanks for sharing your many thoughts Justus.
Meridian ( -- Tuesday, July 13 2004, 05:28 am


Whooooooooa! If this isn't the longest poem! You've just set a world record Justus! In all seriousness, it takes guts to do what you've done!! Way to go! I'm glad that I get to know who you are a little better by reading this poem.... Every time I thought the poem was ending, there was more! LOL! That's great!


P.S. Keep on writing buddy! I commend you!
KitKatrina ( -- Monday, October 25 2004, 09:50 pm

no title

I can honestly say I've never read a poem quite like that, but I loved it. You expressed the world in this poem and defined yourself. Wow again, I loved it...Great job and keep it up..
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