Suicide Scene
Author: Justus Isaiah Richardson


By the time they found him
Heíd been dead for two days.
Poor bastard blew his head off
A shotgun blast through the mouth.
The basement door was open,
Looked like the dog got in.
The body was half eaten,
A very gruesome scene.
Clothing told us who it was,
Only way to identify.
There wasnít much left of him,
I just donít understand it.
Why the hell did he do it?!
Why does someone kill themselves?!
Everyone who loved him
Is in anguish and pain!!
His mother canít even stand,
Due to the weight of her grief!
His father isnít speaking,
Heís just starring at the wall.
Oh, my god, I hate this!
Look at his family,
They need to see a doctor,
Or this wonít be the end.
We must keep an eye on them,
Or they may try this too.
Get them to the hospital,
Hold them for observation.
We donít need more suicides!
Someone go and find the dog,
See if itís covered in blood,
If itís been eating him,
It will have to be put down.
We need to rule out murder!
Start an investigation.
Check everybodyís background!
What they eat, where they sleep,
I want to know everything!
This kid thought itíd be over
After he pulled that trigger.
Yeah, thatís what they always think,
But itís just over for them!
But things are just beginning
For their friends and family!
Life will never be the same,
For anyone who loved him!
They will all blame themselves,
Thinking they could have done more
To prevent this tragedy!
Yeah sure kid, itís over.
Imagine what theyíre feeling!
I mean, can you even guess?!
You think your reasons for this
Can compare to what they feel?!
Yeah maybe you were depressed.
But you donít know depression
Till youíve experienced this!
What the hell were you thinking?!!
But you canít answer, can you?
Though I bet you wish you could.
Thought it was just your life right?
Sorry it donít work that way.
A lesson, too late to learn.
Someone bring the body bag!
Weíve got work ahead of us!


Comments on this poem/writing:

Megan ( -- Thursday, November 27 2003, 10:19 pm


OMG!!! The dog???? Did this really happen?
Jumel Hughes ( -- Saturday, December 6 2003, 12:49 am

Im sorry

I know its hard but if its true I know you and the family will pull through
Karen ( -- Monday, December 8 2003, 04:06 am

no title

i would like to use ur poem in a slide show for a friend that wants to commit suicide! please
Justus Isaiah Richardson ( -- Monday, December 8 2003, 12:18 pm

If you think it will do some good.

No problem Karen. If you think it will do some good, go ahead and use it.
Sara R. ( -- Wednesday, December 17 2003, 11:23 pm

NONE....just read below

My brother just commited suicide November 16, 2003, only about a month ago. I still grieve, of COURSE. He went half way across USA to do it - Colorado. He shot himself in the head at 11:00 pm and died at 11:30. OMG I NEVER got to say I love you or good-bye!!! :( :( :(
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