Avenger Of Blood
Author: Justus Isaiah Richardson


I heard your daughter screaming,
I thought I must be dreaming.

Sheís a child of only three,
I believed it must be me.

My mind must be playing a trick,
Did she say, Daddy please donít kick?

So through the window I took,
A long unbelieving look.

Until I could watch no more,
And so I busted down your door!

This ainít right or canít you tell,
You put that little girl through hell.

You beat her up and down the hall,
You threw her body against the wall!

Youíd better pray sheís still alive,
If so, that sheís gonna survive.

Cause if sheís dead, Iíll tell you true,
Iím gonna do the same to you!

Let me introduce to you,
Iíd like your face to meet my shoe.

And if that introduction was missed,
Iíd like your ribs to meet my fist.

Still, Iím not satisfied at all,
So lets put your head through the wall.

And as blood trickles down your brow,
Do you understand it now?

How do you like that helpless feeling?
Does being powerless leave you reeling?

Thereís an ambulance on itís way,
To take your little girl away.

But youíll be riding side by side,
You too are going to need that ride.

But next time I wonít be so nice,
Iíll make you pay a higher price.

When Iím done itíll be much worse,
And theyíll take you away in a hearse.

I hope you listened to what Iíve said.
If you touch that child again, youíre dead.


Comments on this poem/writing:

Mark Spencer ( -- Friday, May 9 2003, 10:10 am


Did you draw your inspiration for this poem from the poem Misty, by TonTon, or was this from experience?

Rev. Mark Spencer
Justus Isaiah Richardson ( -- Friday, May 9 2003, 08:44 pm

Yup, It was Misty.

Misty reminded me of an experience I had with a neighbor I had a couple of years ago. Used to get drunk and high and beat up his kids. Had to do the same to him so he would understand how it felt. He understood. He also understood I would take it to the next level if it ever happened again. To my knowledge, it hasn't. I check in on them once in a while to make sure. Misty reminded me of that experience, so I had to write about it.

Leah06 ( -- Friday, May 9 2003, 11:31 pm


Wow! I am beyond the point of no words. This is so tottaly awsome!!! Great writing!!!
Justus Isaiah Richardson ( -- Sunday, May 11 2003, 10:39 am


Thank you. I appreciate your comment. It appears my writing about my violent past has scared the more timid folks away. Not surprising, it was expected. If there's one thing I know, it's human nature when faced with the darker side of humanity. Quick to judge, and afraid of those who go beyond the limits of what they believe to be acceptable behavior. I thank you for not scurrying away like so many have done. I have a violent past. There's nothing I can do to change that. Seizure's piece "Oppugn" helped to bring it all back to the surface. I realized that was going to happen over and over again if I didn't do something about it. So I decided to write about. Get it out of me. I knew by doing so, it might scare away the faint of heart. And of course, it did. You and the Rev. are the only ones who weren't afraid to respond to what I wrote. Thank you Leah06, and thanks to Rev. Mark for your feedback.

Tarna ( -- Sunday, May 11 2003, 05:21 pm

powerful stuff

I hate that this really happened. It is a cruel world.. Maybe if more people took a stand against abusers like that there would be fewer of them.

It was a moving poetic story. It's hard to say I like a poem like this though. But the writing was good.
Justus Isaiah Richardson ( -- Monday, May 12 2003, 12:18 pm

Someone else with some guts.

Thanks Tarna, for not being afraid of the guy with the checkered past. Appreciate your comment.

chloe ( -- Thursday, February 17 2005, 02:02 pm

very interesting

This poem was very interesting and i really liked it and i want to see more poems like this
Well done!
carol ( -- Thursday, November 8 2007, 04:51 pm


This was a very powerful..I would very much like to do the same when I know that a child has been abused, and their protectors are supposed to be actually protecting them, yet instead they don't seem to care... I liked it alot, Great Job.
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