Gangland Killing
Author: Justus Isaiah Richardson


I can still remember his face,
I canít forget his name.
Fourteen years have passed,
But it still feels the same.
It was my initiation,
To be part of the pack.
I just had to pull the trigger,
And thereíd be no turning back.
So without a second thought,
I blew his brains out of his head.
But his body kept on twitchiní
Even after he was dead.
There was blood and brains everywhere,
I wasnít sure what I should do.
I wiped brain matter from my clothes,
And picked skull fragments from my shoe.
At first I didnít feel a thing,
God, how could I be so dumb?
I guess I must have been in shock,
Because I just went numb.
I didnít even know the kid,
Heíd never done a thing to me.
But he was in a rival gang,
And the pack made their decree.
Now I go back to that alley,
Every time I shut my eyes.
To relive in sharp detail,
That moment when he dies.
I donít expect forgiveness,
From this I just canít hide.
I know Iíll see his face again,
When I reach the other side.
Until then I will be haunted,
By the victim of my hate,
Until the end of my life,
When I go to meet my fate.
And then the tables will be turned,
As before him I will stand.
Waiting for the judgment of our Lord,
My life in my victimís hands.
And if he shows me mercy,
Will we leave it all behind?
Or will I be forever haunted,
By the memories in my mind?


Comments on this poem/writing:

Mark Spencer ( -- Tuesday, May 6 2003, 10:26 am

This didn't really happen, did it?

Please tell me this is just fiction.

Rev. Mark Spencer
Justus Isaiah Richardson ( -- Tuesday, May 6 2003, 09:19 pm

Wish I could Rev.

Life is not always pretty Rev. But you already know that. Didn't you also grow up on the streets?

Mark Spencer ( -- Tuesday, May 6 2003, 09:52 pm

I did.

Yes I did Justus, but not like you. I had a home. It was in one of the worst neighborhoods in the country, but it was a home. To survive in Lennox, I had to avoid the gangs. I'm sorry you had to go through the things you did. But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Good writing Justus.

luc ( -- Tuesday, May 6 2003, 11:04 pm

no title

oddly sometimes what can kill you can also make you stronger.. ex. faith. (no offence to any one out there )

it was a good poem justus, and i loved how you worded it.. nice choice of words.. keep on writing
Justus Isaiah Richardson ( -- Monday, May 12 2003, 12:15 pm

Funny how poetry gets better when you write from experience.

If a subject means something to you and sparks emotions, it can make for good poetry.

foxy ( -- Thursday, October 9 2003, 11:19 am


i have been there myself,bringing punks down with a 9
jesus ( -- Tuesday, October 14 2003, 02:50 pm

KEEP up the BAD work

at least u learned ur mistake......u are already forgived....or if u didnt u are the bez poet i met.....good job
Allye ( -- Sunday, November 9 2003, 10:39 pm

did this really happen

I thought that it was a good poem. If you ask for forgivnes you will be forgiven i think that your poemas r good
jenny ( -- Tuesday, August 28 2007, 05:44 am

hopin' 4 it not 2 happen otravez

well mira i live where theres a gang. i hate where i live cause u cant even go outside 2 play, por la balasera que siempre hay en mi neighborhood!!!......take care....but 1st.think what youre going 2 do...!!!c u -i d a t e!!....pls...pls..
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