Author: Justus Isaiah Richardson


Here's an exercise in patience,
If you have a rational mind.

If you don't understand my meaning,
Look a few years behind.

Back to a place called Kosovo,
A man call Milosovich.

And how the liberals backed that action,
But now isn't this a switch?

That same pack of left wing lap dogs
Who backed Clinton in his war,

Now picket on our street corners,
And say aggression we abhor!

Yeah sure you do I say to them,
You've got your panties in a bunch!

Wasn't that you I saw cheering,
When Clinton threw his knockout punch?

You're just a bunch of hypocrites,
Your own agendas to fulfill.

If this president were Slick Willie,
This war would be your will!

If George Bush had an affair,
You'd be outraged at the deed!

Calling for his resignation,
And say he made the country bleed!

So hold your anti-war rallies,
And keep firing your low blows.

Show us your true colors,
We know what you oppose.

It's really not about the war,
I doubt you even give a damn!

If you didn't protest Kosovo,
Then this is just a scam!

You tell me Bush is evil.
Did you say the same of Bill,

When he went after Slobodon,
Or do you make excuses still?

The mouthy singers and movie stars,
Need to show a little class.

Like they did during Billy';s war,
Instead of being such an ass!

So why not try being honest,
Something Bill could rarely do!

Admit your political agenda
Is what's motivating you.

It's not war that you're opposing
If you supported Kosovo,

It's the man who is our president
That you've declared your foe!

Milosovich was not out cheering
when five thousand people died.

But those we helped against him,
Laughed and cheered worldwide!

But you'd still give Saddam the time,
To compile the arms he needs!

Until he's strong enough to strike,
At those he now misleads!

Then he'll laugh at your group hugs,
And make you feel like a putz.

When he shoves his nuclear warheads,
Right up your liberal butts!


Comments on this poem/writing:

Mark Spencer ( -- Monday, April 21 2003, 09:04 pm

You don't pull any punches. How do you really feel?

I see you found a new website to post on Justus. I've seen this work before, and how well you fielded comments taking shots at your position. I hope people will take this warning to heart and refrain from doing that here. I was against Kosovo, and I'm against Iraq, though I understand why we have to end terrorism. I just wish war was not the means to that end. I wrote a poem called WAR which expresses my feelings about it. Good luck to those who wish to grapple with this man over this, you will need it. And Justus, please go easy on them if they do. OK?

Justus Isaiah Richardson ( -- Monday, April 21 2003, 10:26 pm

Ahh come on Rev.!

Come on Mark, I just wanna have a little fun! OK, I'll keep it to just the points, unless the mud slinging starts, and then the kid gloves are off!

Elizabetta ( -- Tuesday, April 22 2003, 02:35 am

no title

lol...a litte harsh, but I'm with you...good writing.
Tarna ( -- Thursday, April 24 2003, 05:30 am

can't argue

I can't argue with this at all. A matters of fact I whole heartedly agree....
Justus Isaiah Richardson ( -- Sunday, April 27 2003, 11:25 am

You can't argue with the truth.

Of course the people this poem is directed toward haven't presented a single decent argument anywhere I've posted it. They can't debate me, because they know better than to have a battle of wits with an armed person. Especially when their arsenal is empty.

Seizure ( -- Wednesday, April 30 2003, 01:16 pm


Something we agree on here.
Tainted Innocence ( -- Sunday, December 4 2005, 12:27 am


*puts her hands up* i"m not arguing with you! besides i wouldnt win anyway...:) But i agree with what your saying. i try not to get involved in my motto is...Politicians can eat me! :p
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