Author: Barbara Goodhew


Can't do this.
Can't do that.
Poor me the things I miss.

I was so worried about what others thought,
Afraid I would look and sound silly.
Now I do sound silly so I don't worry about it.
Do things now with humour and wit.

Now when I do things people are impressed and amazed and want to help.
When we don't try to help ourselves.Others don't want to help.


Doesn't get you smypathy or support.
It just gets you disgust and anger.

To get sympathy, help and support.
Act like you don't want it or need it.

So if you want help and support.


Then you'll see all the help you get


Comments on this poem/writing:

Red Dragon ( -- Friday, April 4 2003, 10:59 am

Very True

"So if you want help and support.HELP YOURSELF Then you'll see all the help you get." - LIKE RESPECT and all other good things that you want to achieve, you must start first with yourself in thought and in deed.
What a wonderful poem. You're ending line was mostly striking. A thought to live by.
Capricorn ( -- Friday, April 4 2003, 02:38 pm

no title

Red Dragons words sum up your poem in a nutshell. As usual you have written some very wise words Barb. Well done!
luc ( -- Friday, April 4 2003, 03:04 pm

no title

liek always barb you never cease to amaze me. your words speak truth and i love it. like cap had aready said.. red dragon sumed it all up. loved the poem barb keep on writing :)
barb ( -- Friday, April 4 2003, 05:23 pm

learned by watching

thank-you everybody.I saw alot of family members feel sorry for themselvesand they were bitter nobody wanted to help or be around them.I swore I'd never be like that.
Martin Vann ( -- Saturday, April 5 2003, 12:13 am

You have conqured pity, now, here comes love, and lots of it!


Your words reveal awarness, from many lessons learned,I hear them say; Don't pity me, I can do that for myself and have.

If, you love me (and we do) than touch me, touch me gently, slowly, but deeply, feel my heart's beat, but, never pity me, I'm through with that.

Just touch me and if you have the courage, of your own experience, touch me gently, and let me "feel and breath" the warmth, the heat, of your paulsating heart, as it gently emcompasses me, take me, take me, where we all, long to be.

Those "other words" of comfort, I have heard them all, like dust in the air, they will settle somewhere, guided by an uncaring, sun's rays. The ray's of darkness, from those pity-ful days, watch them dance, those words of dust, with no meaning, searching for some where, to belong.

They will not settle in this warm heart, I have been there, words with out feeling, such words go, no where.

Don't pity me, I've done that for myself and had enough, so, I save my self. Touch me if, you dare, touch me with your heart, touch me if you dare, feel my experience, my understanding, most of all, feel my warmth, f e e l my heart, but, only if, you dare!

Bar-Be-Doll, I dare and love these words shared from your heart. We can see, but mostly, we can feel, the warmth that shows the path leading to your heart.

I touch you now, with all our hearts, can you feel how much we care, can you feel the warmth or, do you dare?

I think you can, use this heart of yours, and share its thoughts with us once again, Why? Because Bar-Bi-Doll, we care.

barb ( -- Saturday, April 5 2003, 02:03 am

hit a nerve

oh god you made me cry martin you understand me. Your comment is a poem in itself . thanks for the beautiful comment.
barb ( -- Saturday, April 3 2004, 11:54 pm

I forgot

thanks everyone for the comments and reading my thoughts.
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