Tiny Little Rain Drops
Author: Leah06


Itís late
My room is dark
And Iím lying here
With this notebook
And a pencil.
I canít sleep
But Iím tired
I canít concentrate
Yet Iím thinking.
Wondering whose going to read this
Whoís going to care
And who will comment.
Itís raining
And my window is open.
Outside it is about 40 degrees
But Iím not cold
And I love the smell
Of wet asphalt.
I hear music
But itís not 3 Doors Down
Or Trapt or even
No, itís just the rain
Those tiny little rain drops.
Falling from the clouds
That hide my shining stars
And hitting my bedroomís outer walls.
I try to find a pattern
In the way they fall
But then find I canít.
I just lay here
And listen to the falling
Of the tiny little rain drops.
I feel the chill of the night air
But at the same time
The heat of my comfortable bed.
My eyelids start to drop
More frequently
And each time
They open slower than the last.
Finally I fall asleep
To the beautiful music
Of those tiny little rain drops.


Comments on this poem/writing:

Terrie* ( -- Tuesday, November 4 2003, 06:15 pm

If ya WRITE IT...we will READ IT.....

this is really nice......i think i have become a regular to your poetry...since i put mine to rest...i'm enjoying reading more of others great writings......raindrops have a smoothing comforting sound...most people do not generally love rainy days but..i love them..... they are so romantic...what a better way to snuggle up w/your main squeeze...and listen to some soft music in front of a fireplace... have ya ever heard raindrops as they fall upon windchimes hanging from a tree?.....they sound heavenly...great poem.
Leah06 ( -- Thursday, November 13 2003, 08:21 pm


Thanks so much for reading and responding to my poetry, it means alot to me. And thanks for the great comments.

Leah Kendall
Stacey ( -- Friday, November 14 2003, 07:11 pm


I really love the way you took such a simple moment and described it so well. I felt as if i were there and that to me, is talent! Excellent job Leah. :)
Leah06 ( -- Monday, November 17 2003, 08:17 pm


Thanks so much. i dont really know how i wrote this, i just coulsent sleep one night and i was listening to the rain outside and it happened. Thanks for reading and commenting!
Holly A. Badolato ( -- Saturday, January 24 2004, 02:49 am

I can relate!!!

The other night i felt exactly like was so weird...i mean everything in your poems can somehow relate to me and i know you didnt write them for me specifically but it sometimes feels like you did..THANKS
Leah06 ( -- Saturday, January 24 2004, 10:18 pm

Holly A.

maby we are mentally connected or something. weird stuff. anyways i hope that by reading my poetry, you will submit more of your own. thanks for reading and commenting.

Leah Kendall
Keith ( -- Tuesday, March 23 2004, 12:39 am

no title

It's funny, I generally write all my poetry next to my window when I can't sleep. The rain drops are so soothing and comforting, they help me fall asleep too!
Leah06 ( -- Wednesday, March 24 2004, 01:18 am


i know, its wonderfuly amazing how far my mind drifts to the symphony of rain drops. i love it!
Auntie L =) ( -- Sunday, April 18 2004, 08:41 am

Tiny Little Raindrops

Funny, It is past 4am here and I am unable to sleep. A little bird e-mailed me telling me about your poetry so I looked it up and have been reading as I listen to the Tiny Little Raindrops on my window. You are an EXTREAMLY gifted person and I am so very much enjoying reading your Art. KEEP ON WRITING!!!!! I love you and miss you dearly.
Leah06 ( -- Sunday, April 18 2004, 11:28 pm

HI Antie linda!

yea, i will make a note to my self to lock that little "bird" in her cage.... im glad you like my writing! Love you!
Danielle Scroggins ( -- Thursday, August 26 2004, 08:18 pm

hey hey

hey hey leah, ok i was going through ur poems to pick 5 like u asked, o man, can't do it, i don't know what ones are the best, i got way over 5 and i'm not done yet,,, sorry, good luck picking
Leah06 ( -- Tuesday, October 12 2004, 04:15 am


It's ok, i got them. I thank you for your help!

~Leah Kendall
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