American Heros
Author: Leah06


You fly planes
Kill for fun
Murder your people
With your own gun.
I won't let you continue
Even if I have to do it by hand
I can't let you steal anymore lives
For all America I will stand.
We are not afraid
There is an answer within the soul
We will fight together
America as a whole.
We will stand together
We cast our fears aside
You can run if you wish
But you can't hide.
Red is for the heart
Of the Americans strong
It is also for our youth
Who sing our countries song.
White is the color of hero
And everything they do
It is for our faith
When in war with you.
Blue is for our strength
When all America will stand
When we fight as a whole
Together hand in hand.
We won't let you win
Even after all those who died
We will stand together
Forever American pride!


Comments on this poem/writing:

Roy ( -- Tuesday, April 22 2003, 01:51 pm

This one down in history in my book

It is a treasure not only to me and Americans but the world should stop the murderous ways. We need to come home to tend our own and not have to go here or there for their terrible acts against their own or others around a world that needs to live in Peace. I would like them to learn the definition of that word! World oppion of Americans is an insult to efforts and I get so upset(not a little)! I have not had time to post anymore of my writings but I find the time to read from a great website. Thanks to Becky for allowing me to come back. Thanks you for warming my heart and mind so much.
LinzAy ( -- Tuesday, April 22 2003, 02:10 pm


Awesome 06
Martin Vann ( -- Tuesday, April 22 2003, 03:37 pm

You can feel the power in this work.


I can feel the power in this poem as if, you pounded on the key-board with a sledge hammer to creat each thought! Very good work, powerful.

LinzAy ( -- Tuesday, April 22 2003, 04:02 pm


ya know...i know that was a sincere comment Martin, but reading it gave me the visual.....and i saw a ton from Who Framed Roger Rabbit grabbing that yellow cartoon hammer and pounding the hell outta my keyboard....gave myself a laff........

but yes, her poem is that powerful to make it seem as though she pounded her heart out to make it perfect
Seizure ( -- Tuesday, April 22 2003, 06:37 pm


Well, I read it... and I can see you're very patriotic there. You have more faith in humanity than I do.
ryan ( -- Thursday, April 24 2003, 12:56 am


it was awsome i would have to say a best... i would like to know if i can print it out and put it on my binder next to my poem for jared?
Leah06 ( -- Thursday, April 24 2003, 01:26 am

umm shure

if you want to ryan, its not that good. And seizure yes i have faith, dont you? With out faith i wouldent beable to have poasted thease poem of mine, with out faith i wouldent be here. So yes, i have faith. Thanks for all of the comments.
Brenda Michelle ( -- Thursday, April 24 2003, 04:29 am


you should enter this in a contest, i know you will win! this is such a great poem!!!!!!!! it deservis a rose!
Tarna ( -- Thursday, April 24 2003, 04:48 am


United we sand and devided we fall. Luckily we live in a country where the majority stand strongly together to right the wrongs..

Great poem
Leah06 ( -- Thursday, April 24 2003, 11:01 pm

Brenda and Tarna...

Im glad you both liked it. Brenda- thanks for the rose, ill keep it with the others i have recived from you. And when it comes to a contest, if you find me a contest to enter i will do so but i have bot had any luck in finding any. Tarna- Its not to right the wrongs its to pick them up when they themselvs dont have the strength. Im glad you liked this one.
mario ( -- Saturday, May 31 2003, 10:59 pm


very patriotic... and i can see you are very proud to be an American
Wayfarer ( -- Sunday, June 1 2003, 09:23 pm

Nicely put.

Nice to know some of our young people still understand the concept of loyalty and patriotism.
Leah06 ( -- Tuesday, September 9 2003, 10:47 pm

mario and wayfarer

Im glad you botyh like it.
Auntie L =) ( -- Sunday, April 18 2004, 08:20 am


Leah I am so proud of you! This poem is so beautiful and deeply touches my heart. May I forward this to some friends of mine? Being a Patriot is in your blood... remember when you saw the "big boats"? I love you and KEEP ON WRITING!!!!! You have a wonderful gift!
Tricia ( -- Sunday, April 18 2004, 08:55 pm

touching so deep

this poem is so intense and full of feelings i love it. your are a great poet keep up the terrific work. As a soldiers wife I solute you for your work and patriotism. God bless you
Leah06 ( -- Monday, August 2 2004, 07:19 pm


wow, i dont know what to say. i am honered to have your solute. thank you!
Leah06 ( -- Monday, September 11 2006, 05:07 pm

5 years...

Its been five years yall. Bless our soldiers! God Bless America!
Natalie ( -- Sunday, September 17 2006, 07:37 pm

mayb i use

may i please use ur poem for my english project about the american history please
Leah06 ( -- Saturday, January 27 2007, 10:52 pm


Yeah you may use it. Im glad you like it.
German-Irish Red ( -- Wednesday, November 14 2007, 10:24 pm

:o wow

this has alot of power in it,you read it and say that's true. awesome work!!!
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