In My Step Dad's Eyes
Author: Leah06


Leah do this
Leah do that
Wash the dog
Feed the cat.
Don't talk back
Do everything my way
I don't care what you want
I don't want to hear what you say.
You are worthless
Not worthy of life
Just do us all a favor
And take the sharpest knife.
You are a piece of shit
Your friends are too
Call me dad
I love you.


Comments on this poem/writing:

Ghost ( -- Tuesday, April 15 2003, 11:43 pm


wow, great emotions in this poem. I have a stepdad also and it feels like he says that to me too sometimes. Sorry that you had to go through that but it in the end, you'll be stronger.
LinzAy ( -- Wednesday, April 16 2003, 12:51 am


This is awesome.....Sorry it's that way, though it did inspir eyou to write what i feel is one of ur better poems! It flows great and has a crap load of emotion and heart put into it.
Great writing...
Leah06 ( -- Wednesday, April 16 2003, 02:54 am

Thanks A Bunch!!!

Thanks you two. Yea, this didnt really say how bad i really have it with my step dad. But thanks for the comments!
Roy ( -- Wednesday, April 16 2003, 03:14 pm


dearly- dearly sorry--keep up the writing and I will try to read them as they come in---let me know your favorite and I will let know my favorite of yours
Mario (i decided to have only one "o" now) ( -- Friday, April 18 2003, 06:27 pm

none...feeling...too strong...can;t think of one...

wow... it must suck to have divorced parents... it probably was hard to accept the fact that your mom married this person who sometimes doesn't seem to care for you... i'm sorry leah(06)...
ROY ( -- Friday, April 18 2003, 10:42 pm


You are very special and spill your heart with some that just don't hear. Your dad loves you and step using you as a SLAVE--I was in the same and my true dad died before I could meet him eye to eye for my step beat my mother and my 3 sisters anbd disgraced our name with playing with other women as my mother worked to buy us kid oatmeal,peanut butter,and crackers. Hopefully if you stay strong and remember who you are you will or can go on with your head high and not be let down from ANYONE---I am deeply touched with the words in this and reflect to the struggle I had to fight for me and I pray you do this also-so keep written cause I am your fan!
Brenda Michelle ( -- Monday, April 21 2003, 02:44 am


i really know how exacly you feel! i hate having to go through that everyday. it real dose bit!!!!!!!!! but like ghost said it will only make you stonger, and have more courage in the future to over come your fears!!!! need to talk i am here for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Leah06 ( -- Monday, April 21 2003, 03:56 am

Thank you!

Yea it dose bite*! I hate it so much! Ill remember that brenda! Thanks everyone for the comments!
lola ( -- Sunday, April 27 2003, 02:43 am

i know

i know how it feels, i don't have a step dad, but my father is exactly that way. nice writing.
Leah06 ( -- Sunday, April 27 2003, 08:06 pm

Thanks Lola

yea it really sucks. I am sorry you have to go through this too. Im glad you liked it.
Beverly ( -- Wednesday, June 18 2003, 10:41 pm


leah, i never knew. i'm one of your friends, and its never seemed that way. From what I've heard, it's been the other way around, but with more stress on your brother. By the way, my name is not Beverly.
Leah06 ( -- Wednesday, July 16 2003, 01:56 am

unknown person

Hes not my brother. And he gets off way easier than you think. What is your name then?
dolphin ( -- Friday, August 8 2003, 07:02 am

step dads poem

this is a brilliant peice of writing [FAB] I'M sorry you feel like this! My 3 children have a step dad although they try thier hardest nothing is good enough, there is constant conflick because he has a daughter from 1st marriage, she's treated diffrently to these 3 and my kids know it
alicia ( -- Saturday, August 30 2003, 12:34 am


this poem is not even right. yeah just b/c you and your stepdad might fight and shit don't mean he don't love you. my stepdad killed his self and now he is gone and i miss him so much b/c now matter how much we would fight our any thing he was always there for me and now when i need him the most he is gone and i wish he could come back and yell at me b/c he is the only dad i know and i believe he helped me more in live then i could imagen.
Leah06 ( -- Monday, August 2 2004, 07:19 pm


think what you like.
Doniqua ( -- Wednesday, June 14 2006, 12:59 am

I cant believe you feel this ay about your stepdad

Hey i have a dad and he's in my life but i also have a stepdad too and he's like my dad i love him to death and if your stepdad was to die it would ruin your whole life so just give him a chance
barb ( -- Wednesday, June 14 2006, 03:12 pm

sorry leah

You know how you feel and how he treats you don't listen to the non-believers. Someday they will understand what you went through . And people wonder why people don't tell things,if they do they aren't believed. Do what you have to to survive this situation. If writing about it helps than do it. And just ignore the none believers they are the ones that are cold hearted and probably treat others the way your steb dad treats you.Just remember ther are ones that know what you;re saying is true, we have gone through it.
Leah06 ( -- Saturday, January 27 2007, 10:55 pm

Doniqua and Barb

To both of you, thank you for reading. Miss Doniqua, i have given him plenty of chances to be the dad that i needed. Unfortunately he destroyed any shed of trust i have for him, so all he is to me is the man my mother is married to. Barb, thank you for understand. I have gotten away, im in college now and staying strong.
UNKNOWN... ( -- Thursday, May 31 2007, 01:29 am

nice poem

i really liked your poem it did have alot of emotion in it as ghost said, i really enjoyed it, but im trying to find some good father poems for a project...
Ben F ( -- Friday, June 1 2007, 11:05 am


Leah I have read alot of your poems over the years, and my oh my was this powerful!do you perfrom your poetry?I think this Piece wouyld be great for a spoken word performance.bravo!
Barbara O'Dell ( -- Friday, May 2 2008, 01:33 pm

this is good

this is a good poem step dads suck bad.....what more is there to say because of mine i am in foster care and i cant see my mom unless my case worker is there so yea
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