River Of Emotions
Author: LinzAy


Thereís something flowing through my veins
Something that just cannot be said
It has to be worded perfectly
Has to go through my heart, my body, my soul, my head
My heart and my mouth seem worlds away
It takes forever to get the two to work together
So I use my hand and my pen
To let out emotions instantly instead of waiting for forever
This feeling I feel I know all to well
But canít quite say what it is yet
Itís filling my heart my body my soul
Itís about love I bet
Iím about to overflow with emotions
Yet they refuse to flow from my mouth
Iím relying on the pen once again
To see what this time the river of emotions is about

I ask that you, River, flow through me gently
Allow me to feel every ripple that speaks a word
Allow me to hear an emotion
That in return I can make heard
Though the pebbles that you carry with your rapids
May hurt and bruise my soul
I still ask that you carry them with you
For they not only make you but also I whole

A wave has washed over me now
Itís somewhat refreshing but also brings a scare
For I must figure out why it came
And not leave my soul to feel bare
I shall listen closely to the gentle current
Of that river that just passed over me and through
I shall pick up each pebble it left along itís way
For a story that shall, to both you and I, be new
I run my fingers through my hair
Feeling the dampness of my soul
And run my hands down my body
Picking up the pebbles nice and slow
The water that the river washed over me
I absorb it into me
~Now I finally hear this beautiful story
That my beautiful river wanted to be

I ask that you, dreamer
Allow me to sing a tale
A tale of love, a tale of realization
A tale of what itís like to let love prevail
I realize now what I should have long ago
I realize how great love can be for me
With my soul cleansed and my heart open
Iím ready for it to be
Iím ready to speak these words unto him
Ready to fully love without having to yield
Ready to let the same river wash over him too
Iím ready to forever be held in loves shield

My heart cries out to you, my lover
Please listen to the tears it lets fall
Let these tears become a river
And let the river, unto you, call
Can you hear it sing
The lovely song that my heart, my body,
and my soul has created for you
Are you listening closely
To these emotions that have become true
For the same river that I cast upon thee
Has already rushed over and through my heart
Let everything the river brings seep into you
Every emotion, every feeling, every part
Lover, are you crying
Is that youíre heart being cleansed by love
Donít be afraid, Itís meant to be
It once was also something I was afraid of

Donít speak yet my precious lover
Let the silence help you to listen
to your heart that speaks so loud
Even the pebbles and rapids that scare you
Are put there to help you understand,
to make you feel whole, to feel proud
Those tears that fall from your deep blue eyes
Are the same that had shed from mine
The river of emotions has now washed over you too
Is it not a feeling so divine
You are still now, calmed by the river,
serene we are together
Has the river of emotions also set you free
Yes, my love, fall into my arms
I told you this was meant to be


Comments on this poem/writing:

everett ( -- Wednesday, March 26 2003, 05:08 am

no title

one word.... Amazing! that truly was a great poem. I remember you told me you thought id like it, i loved it! great poem :)
LinzAy ( -- Wednesday, March 26 2003, 06:09 am


Thankyou so much Everett!!! And i'm glad i was right that you would like it! heh heh....
Capricorn ( -- Wednesday, March 26 2003, 09:33 pm

no title

This is truly beautiful!
LinzAy ( -- Wednesday, March 26 2003, 11:09 pm


Thankyou so much Cap!
barb ( -- Thursday, March 27 2003, 02:45 am

no title

very nice linzay I admire people that have a wide range of words .My poems are short cause my range of words is short. Very good writing.
LinzAy ( -- Thursday, March 27 2003, 09:30 am


Thankyou very much Barb! Sometimes the shorter the better it's not neccesarily a bad thing.... Love your work too girl! And thankyou for your comment!
Martin Vann ( -- Thursday, March 27 2003, 01:41 pm

The Poet's Pen Can Often Be A Dry River-Bed Awaiting The Rain


I to have held a dry pen in my hand, but like you, if, I hold onto it long enough, the words will come like falling rain. Then, we hope, the rains moves on, and allows a poet like you, to write as you did here, with the rainbow in your hand, using it as your pen.

Liked this very much.
LinzAy ( -- Thursday, March 27 2003, 07:24 pm


Thankyou, as usual...always look forward to what you've got to say about my poems....
anonymous ( -- Monday, April 7 2003, 09:52 am

no title

LinzAy ( -- Monday, April 7 2003, 08:29 pm


Heh heh...thanks!
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