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I wanted to paint your nails
You always preferred they were colored
Because you thought your nails were ugly
But they weren't
Every part of you was beautiful
It was the most challenging thing to do
To make that one part of you more beautiful than it already was
To paint your nails for everyone to see
Especially since you couldn't tell me how to make it perfect for you
But I found your nail polish - your favorite color
So that helped ease my mind a litle
-Having the color you always preferred
It was so hard painting your nails silver
So hard since you were so still
The hardest part?
Looking at the picture on the wall
Your reflection in this picture made it look as though you were breathing
It put a false hope in my heart
I knew you weren't but I'd look at you quickly hoping you were
And cry even more when I saw your weren't
It was the hardest thing to do, Grandma
To make you happy after life
But I did it
I hope I did it as beautifully as you would have liked it
And everyone saw
Saw your silver nails
And if anyone asks, ever,
what the most courageous thing I've ever done in my life was
I'd tell them
"When I painted my Grandmas nails silver for her funeral"

------- Author's Notes -------

This poem is only a taste of what i think about when i think of the time i had to paint my Grandma Hilda's nails for her funeral. It's not that i had to, more like i wanted. As the poem says she didnt like her nails so she always painted them. And i wanted to make sure they were painted for her when everyone would see them as we said goodbye. And the picture thing? There was a picture of a lake lined with trees I think...dont remember.. but everytime i looked at it it seemed as though her stomach
was moving up and down and it made it look as though she were smiling. It was the hardest thing to go and paint me Grandmothers hard to hold her cold hands. But I did it, and it something that i'm proud of. Love You Grandma......


Comments on this poem/writing:

everett ( -- Wednesday, March 5 2003, 05:18 pm

no title

wow, that must have been hard.
Emotional poem, really good! :)
LinzAy ( -- Thursday, March 6 2003, 11:45 am was:(

But thanx for the comment mr evil!...
Sunshine ( -- Thursday, March 6 2003, 03:04 pm


Buddy, the power of your poems are incredible! this poem made me cry for you and the love you had for your Grandma. This must be a memory that you will never forget, and neither will she. I know that she'd be so pround of the person that your becoming.
Your so wonderful and beatiful in every way, buddy.
(even your toes)
ryan ( -- Sunday, March 9 2003, 02:23 am

no title

i really like the peom and u know u never get on ur aim name
LinzAy ( -- Sunday, March 9 2003, 06:42 am

Buddy and Ryan....

Haha! even my toes....ya know, i think i have her feet! Funny huh? But anyways....thankyou for your comment buddy! I never imagined i'd be able to write anything that anyone would say is powerful. I love ya buddy!

Thankyou! And um, when i get online it's always really rite now! lol...but i havent really been home much in the past few days so that mite also explain it! hehe.....
Stacey ( -- Sunday, March 9 2003, 06:23 pm


This poem is absolutely beautiful. You seem to wear your heart on your sleeve, definitely a gift.
I have to admit, this poem really touched me.
Thank you for sharing something so lovely.
I love your work
~ Stace
LinzAy ( -- Monday, March 10 2003, 06:38 am


Thankyou very much. I'm glad it was able to touch you! And i agree....i guess i do wear my heart on my sleeve...but that can be bad sometimes can't it? Thankyou for your comment!! Means A lot---it's so sweet!
Martin Vann ( -- Monday, March 10 2003, 10:14 pm

One last earthly gift, you gave her love


I can't imagine the thoughts that went back and forth beween you and your grandmother as you painted her nails. Yes, I know you talked to each other as you gave her one last, earthly gift. I'm sure that upon arriving at her final destination, one of the first things she said, lwas lok what LinzAy did for me.

Amazing story of love.

Thank You,
LinzAy ( -- Tuesday, March 11 2003, 12:26 am


Thankyou Martin...
Brenda Michelle ( -- Wednesday, March 3 2004, 10:11 pm


i really like this poem, it must have been hard...
LinzAy ( -- Thursday, March 4 2004, 09:23 am


Glad ya like!!! was very hard!!
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